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  • NCA statement on the 2013 harmonised elections
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    July 29, 2013

    As Zimbabwe goes for polls on Wednesday 31 July 2013, the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) takes this opportunity to encourage all eligible voters to exercise their democratic right and vote for their preferred candidates.

    We bear in mind that this right to vote, was necessitated by the thousands of our brave sons and daughters who fought in the liberation struggle. It was a fight for One Man One Vote.

    The harmonised elections bring to an end the Coalition Government made up of the three main political parties, and incepted in February 2009. We do take note of the strides made by all the parties to create minimum conditions for the holding of credible elections.

    We take note of the new constitution, authored by the three political parties, which we in the NCA campaigned for its rejection, the re-constitution of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) supported by all parties and the amendments of the Electoral Act by cabinet (which is made up of all political parties) and promulgated into law through the Executive Presidential Powers.

    As the NCA we are however, disappointed by recent statements by some of the participating parties who are citing vote rigging by ZEC, a commission they set-up as the inclusive government.

    The peace that is prevailing during the run up to these elections must be commended and we do hope that it will prevail in the post-election period. The assessment we have done so far indicate the conditions these elections are being held under are conducive for an election and do hope that the will of the people will be respected when the results are announced.

    We encourage all participants to this election to accept the will of the people by accepting the election results.

    We also encourage those with genuine queries with regards to the election results to approach the electoral court. This is well elaborated by the electoral laws of this country.

    The NCA will observe elections under ZESN. We have deployed elections observers who will give the organization a clear indication of what will be happening in different areas. As NCA we will continue to be neutral in our quest to promote a Zimbabwe that is just and democratic.

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