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  • Community updates on the general political environment – 28 July 2013
    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 28, 2013

    Murehwa West

    Ward 13
    A Zanu-PF chairman, Innocent Mandere and Jennifer Chirenda (an aspiring Zanu-PF councillor for ward 13) are threatening villagers that if they vote for MDC-T they will be killed after the election if Zanu-PF loses.

    On the 25th of July, Mr Tobias Tsuro an MDC activist as well as a survivor of the 2008 political violence was intimidated by Zanu-PF activists. The perpetrators have been identified as Mandere and Chirenda. They threatened the victim that they are going to kill him this time if MDC wins on 31 July 2013.


    Ward 29
    Today the 28th of July, Zanu-PF supporters led by their youth chairman identified as Kanengoni disrupted an MDC-T rally which was officially booked at Shamva Gold Mine netball grounds. One person identified as Tatenda Gwambi who is an MDC supporter was severely injured during the scuffle.

    Zaka Central

    Ward 9
    A Zanu-PF activist Paradza Chentiasi on the 26th of July went around the ward threatening villagers that even if Zanu-PF loses it would not let the presidential seat go to the MDC-T. He stated that an orgy of terror is going to be unleashed to punish everyone who would have voted for the opposition.

    Ward 19
    Amasane Nenjana a Zanu-PF activist is intimidating and threatening people that they have to join Zanu-PF and vote for it because their votes will be known and if they vote for MDC they will be killed.

    Muzarabani North

    Ward 24
    At around 09:00hrs on the 26th of July, Headman Ishmael Kagodo and his court council threatened Gibson Mudhuva an MDC supporter saying that they will ensure that Gibson's father Moses Devera, his mother Febbie Mudzimu and his brother Felix Mudhuva are evicted from Chiwenga village for supporting MDC-T.

    In another case, on the same day, Gibson Mudhuva of Chiwenga village escaped death by a whisker after his compound was invaded at midnight by three Zanu-PF activists namely Ishmael Kagodo (a pro Zanu-PF headman), Mugadza and Stephen Manuwere who were threatening to kill him. The matter was reported to Chadereka police station where the complainant was referred to Muzarabani Police Station. Gibson Mudhuva and his family are now living at a friend's house.

    Ward 1
    An MDC-T supporter and polling agent, Timothy Sikende's wife and her two children were threatened with death by Zanu-PF activists tday at 10.30am. Sikende's family is now residing at a family friend’s house, as they now fear for their lives.

    Gutu West

    Ward 29
    Today the 28th of July, villagers of Mushaviri Business centre were forced to attend a compulsory village meeting which was chaired by Colonel Mudyahoto and assisted by other Zanu-PF supporters identified as Hwicho of village 2 and Chiramba of village 4. The meeting was to instruct people that they will compulsorily vote at the following centres:

    Village Polling Station 
    1,2,3 and 4 Mukaro Polling Station
    5 and 6 St Mary's Polling station
    7,8,9,10 nd 15 Mushaviri Polling Station

    Colonel Mudyahoto stated that this is to ensure that his party trace all its opponents more easily if it happens to lose the coming election. At the same meeting at Mushaviri Business Centre, a Zanu-PF activist identified as Mupira of village 4 openly asked village women if there was someone who could strike the MDC-T ward 29 candidate for councillor, Mrs Ever Mashandudze with lighting so that she dies mysteriously. Gutu Police Station refused to intervene in the matter.

    Ward 31
    A headman of Maorera village called Diva Mudzana is intimidating people telling them that his party shall monitor serial numbers on every vote casted for MDC T and if anyone is suspected to be the one who used that serial number, he or she shall be "dealt" with vigorously on 1 August.

    Ward 41
    Yesterday on 27 July, a VIDCO chairperson namely Anos Machinjike summoned the people of Mutowoni, Savaka, Chikabida, Mhanda, Mutonga and Chigodora villages to a meeting at Mutema township where he gave them times that they ought to go and cast their ballots on 31 July 2013. He said this was meant to track down those who would not have voted for Zanu-PF.


    Ward 15
    Yesterday on 27 July, Zanu-PF youths in their party regalia were intimidating motorists by searching their vehicles as they passed by HQ Mutorashanga primary school. The youths claimed that they were maintaining security for Hon Ignatius Chombo who was holding his rally at a nearby venue.

    Chipinge South

    Ward 26
    Today the 28th of July, MDC-T and Zanu-PF youths shared ARDA Mill grounds as a venue for their rallies with each party claiming that it booked the venue before the other. ARDA Police refused to intervene in the dispute claiming that the two parties have to find a solution on their own.

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