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    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 26, 2013


    Ward 19
    The Zanu-PF ward chairman identified as Andrew Matate was removing MDC-T posters today. He also threatened community members telling them that if he sees any MDC-T poster he and his team will beat up all MDC-T supporters living around the area.

    Gokwe Nembudziya

    Ward 23
    An ex-soldier identified as Brighton Gushungo of village 8G was threatening villagers that they will lose their lives on the 1st of August if Zanu-PF does not win the elections.

    Ward 23
    Zanu-PF supporters set up a political 'base' camp next to a polling station. They have occupied the area between village 7B and 8H, which they are using to hold their meetings where they are intimidating villagers. On Tuesday 23 July 2013, an ex-soldier identified as Mr Mari who is stationed at the base clad in camouflage, assaulted Rodgers Chadzo for wearing an MDC-T t-shirt. The case was reported to the police but nothing has been done yet. Mr Mari spent the week leading a group of Zanu-PF youths who went around the village forcing people to attend meetings at the 'base'. They threatened those who refused to attend with death.

    Ward 36
    A soldier identified as Phebion Mabhande who was deployed in the area under the Maguta Scheme is threatening and intimidating people. He is telling them that all those who support MDC-T risk losing their land and property if they do not join Zanu-PF. He also said that they will be dealt with accordingly in the event that Zanu-PF loses the elections.

    Gokwe North

    Ward 19
    At Mavanga Secondary School, a group of Zanu-PF supporters led by the district chairperson, Clytos Mapanje, the youth treasurer Obert Muzhangiri and the district secretary who is also a member of the School Development Association (SDA), Njodzi Chikati are threatening and intimidating students. They are telling them that they should never wear MDC-T regalia at home or inside their uniforms because doing so will result in their expulsion from school.


    Ward 22
    Zanu-PF activists identified as Abel Mujeri and Hailey Muza moved around the ward today removing MDC-T posters and replacing them with Zanu-PF posters. They are also threatening community members with unspecified action if Zanu-PF loses the coming election.

    Ward 22
    On the 25th of July 2013, a group of Zanu-PF supporters conducted a march, which they forced all community members to take part in. The march was from Ruyamuro business centre to Chikokonya Business Centre. When they got to Chikokonya business centre, the youth forced the villagers to disrupt an MDC-T rally which was being held there.

    Nyanga North

    Ward 1
    There is a soldier identified as Paraffin who moved around the area today giving those who do not have National identity cards money to acquire the ids which he claimed would be used to vote for Zanu-PF on the 31st of July.

    Mt Darwin North

    Ward 10
    MDC-T supporters were each assigned a Zanu-PF activist who would assist them to vote on the 31st of July. This is regardless of the fact that they are not physically challenged.

    Shamva South

    Ward 15
    Mrs E Jimu attempted suicide by drinking poison after she was harassed by a group of Zanu-PF youths on 22 July 2013. The group led by Cuthbert Gono went to her home where they chanted Zanu-PF slogans and sang revolutionary songs all night. This instilled fear in her and disturbed her to the extent of opting to take her own life.

    Chipinge South

    Ward 29
    On 25 July 2013, a Zanu-PF activist identified as Mapamba announced that Zanu-PF supporters in the area were going to eliminate the MDC-T ward Chairman, Titus Mtombeni on 1 August 2013. He highlighted that this was a resolution made during a court session held at Herdsman Maparadze’s homestead.

    Ward 29
    On 25 July 2013 at 15:00 hours, a group of Zanu-PF supporters led by one Mapamba chased MDC-T activists Pakisai Mudambe, Kudakwashe Mandedye, and Edmore Chambayi from the ward. They were chased away because they were wearing MDC-T regalia. Mapamba and his accomplices said they wanted to beat up the trio for supporting MDC-T. This incident happened at Maparadze primary school.

    Ward 30
    On the evening of 24 July 2013, a Zanu-PF affiliated headman identified as Uketi Mutasa was instructed by Porusingazi Enock (an aspiring Zanu-PF MP candidate) to organize a youth group meant to carry out door-to-door intimidation campaigns. The group was told to go around the village at night taking down names of all MDC-T supporters.

    Gutu West

    Ward 31
    A group of Zanu-PF supporters led by Mutambara, Colonel Mudyahoto and Naison China’ombe force marched people of Mushaviri village 8 to a mini rally in the area. They told the villagers that Zanu-PF will take all necessary measures to ensure that voters are strictly monitored when voting. They also declared that there shall be no privacy during voting to prevent people from voting for MDC.

    Ward 32
    On the 17th of July 2013, a group of six Zanu-PF supporters identified as Matunhunhire Samson, Machokoto Funwell, Francis Rutsvara, Florence Rutsvara, Mrs Vhori and Samuel Gwinha, assaulted Tafadzwa Dherera. He was assaulted because for wearing an MDC-T t-shirt which they forced him to remove and surrender to them.

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