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  • Community updates on the general political environment – 25 July 2013
    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 25, 2013

    Muzarabani South

    Ward 17
    Today in Hoya village, Mr Joe Bumhira a headman, forced villagers to attend a meeting. At the meeting, the headman told the villagers that he was instructed by Chief Kasekete to evict all non-Zanu-PF supporters in the area. He went further to indicate that he is giving the villagers 3 days to join Zanu-PF or face evictions.

    Ward 17
    A villager in ward 17, Mr Matonhodze and his family were today told by Zanu-PF supporters in Hoya village that they should not vote without being assisted by a Zanu-PF supporter on the 31st of July. This is despite the fact that they are all not physically challenged. The matter was reported to JOMIC and Muzarabani police station. However, the officers at Muzarabani police station referred him to Chadereka police post which is not easily accessible since it is 30km away from his home.

    Muzarabani North

    Ward 2
    In Munyabonde village, war veterans identified as Hamunyari Kamusengezi and known as Yahweh forced people to attend a meeting at Ndorowe growth point. The meeting was addressed by Mrs Manyeruke a Zanu-PF Senatorial candidate. She threatened people, demanding that everyone in the area vote for her party or risk losing their lives. At the same meeting, Yahweh paraded a gun which he said he was not afraid to use if people continued to support MDC.

    Gokwe Central

    Ward 1
    Today in Sesame village, Samkeliso Khanye was harassed by a group of Zanu-PF supporters led by one Mike Gwasha who is the district chairperson. The group met Khanye on her way home from collecting her voter registration slip. They accused her of supporting MDC-T and threatened her with abduction before elections. Gwasha attempted to grab her voter registration slip but she managed to run away. Ms Khanye also noticed that the group had several slips in their possession which she perceived were confisticated from other community members.

    Ward 5
    On 23 July 2013, a group of Zanu-PF youths led by one only identified as Gwashe were moving around the ward intimidating people. They told the villagers that there are going to be cameras in the voting booths so they will be able to see and record all those who are not going to vote for Zanu-PF. They also said if MDC-T or any other party that is not Zanu-PF wins the elections, there is going to be war in the country on the 1st of August.

    Gutu Central

    Ward 35
    Zanu-PF supporters, Chief Nyamandi and Cancel Chisanga swayed a gun at a Zanu-PF rally held on 24 July 2013. They threatened villagers that they will make use of it if Zanu-PF loses the coming elections.

    Murehwa West

    Ward 11
    On 23 July, Zanu-PF activists identified as Virginia Chimedza and Paradzai Chisango addressed a rally at Zhambahwe center where they intimidated and threatened people. They claimed that if Zanu-PF loses the pending elections, violence will be unleashed on the 1st of August.

    Ward 12
    On 23 July 2013, a group of Zanu-PF youths led by one Mkakanhanga were carrying out door-to-door campaigns intimidating people in Murehwa west. They were forcing every adult to buy a Zanu-PF membership card. Those who refused were promised violence on the 1st of August. They were also taking down their national identity numbers.


    Ward 6
    A Zanu-PF activist identified as Tawanda Torongo moved around the ward today removing MDC-T posters and replacing them with Zanu-PF posters.


    Ward 6
    Village heads affiliated to Zanu-PF held meetings in the community today where they told people to vote for Zanu-PF if they want peace after elections. The village heads were only identified as Muzhambe, Kahumwe, Mapira and Chimanikire.

    Zvimba North

    Ward 14
    On 20 July 2013, Crispen Zuvarapenga, Elisha Sawa, Sabastine Mawara, Gift Lemu, Tavengwa Wezron and Pangani Kainga were dismissed from work at Sawa Fairburn Farm by their employer, Fred Mutanda. They were fired for declaring openly that they support MDC.

    Ward 16
    Zanu-PF supporters, Moses Tapanduka, Chizema, Muronzi, Mrs Mhere and a soldier identified as Muronzi Sikhosana moved around the ward intimidating people who are anti Zanu-PF threatening them that they will be killed if Zanu-PF fails to win the 31st of July elections.

    Chipinge South

    Ward 27
    On 24 July 2013, a group of Zanu-PF youths led by Dakarai Zvibhowa, Jambaya Mike, and James Mbengani forced the residents of Garikana, Chijumana, Chitepo, Mbengani and Chizarire villages to join their political party campaigns. The campaigns started at 12:00 noon and ended at 22:00 hours.

    Ward 26
    Today Enock Porusingazi a Zanu-PF candidate for Chipinge South, disrupted an MDC-T rally at Chisumbanje Primary School. Porusingazi and a group of Zanu-PF youths went ahead of MDC and occupied the venue despite the fact that MDC had booked for the venue in advance. The venue was for the Member of Parliament candidate Mike Makuyana’s rally. Porusingazi also barred school teachers from attending Makuyana’s rally. SADC observers were present in the area during the incident.

    Gutu West

    Ward 32
    On 24 July 2013, an MDC-T activist, Tafadzwa Njerera was threatened by Zanu-PF activists identified as Francis Rutsvara (Headman Rutsvara’s son), Mrs, Rukuruwa (a wife to headman Rukuruwa), Samuel Gwinha and Peter Makumbe. They were threatening him saying that if he keeps on supporting MDC-T he will be evicted from his Greenview farmhouse. The matter was reported to Headsmen Rutsvara and Rukuruwa. Action is yet to be taken.

    Ward 30
    On 16 July 2013, a Zanu-PF supporter identified as Matilda Musarurwa burnt Claudius Tevera’s MDC-T regalia.

    Ward 29
    On 23 July 2013, a group of pro Zanu-PF activists identified as Gapara, Tikiti, Peterson Nzombe, Mudyahoto and Godfrey Chinombe force marched residents of Mugondwi, Mushavi and Chavarove villages to attend their party meetings.


    Ward 11
    On 23 July, an MDC-T activist Jonathan Chapera was assaulted for wearing his party regalia at Wozheri business centre. He was assaulted by Zanu-PF activists who were identified as Jabulani Mapute, Musa Matyora, Togaya Chikombingo and Guardina Muchapaza. The victim is receiving treatment at a local clinic and only one perpetrator has been arrested so far.

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