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  • Community updates on the general political environment – 24 July 2013
    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 24, 2013

    Gutu West

    Ward 1
    In Shashe village, Zanu-PF youths led by a war veteran identified as Mada and their district chairman Mr Chimombe, were intimidating people on Saturday the 20th of July. They threatened people in Shashe village that they will be monitored throughout the voting process to ensure that they do not vote for MDC-T.

    In Chipisa village today at 7.15 am, Peter Marongwa an MDC-T supporter who resides at Debroc Farm was harassed by Zanu-PF supporters led by Wellington Magumise. The victim was threatened with death for putting up MDC posters in the village.

    Ward 27
    A Zanu-PF campaign team led by John Makupa and one only identified as Busa were on Saturday the 20th of July forcing teachers at Vheneka primary school to put on Zanu-PF regalia when conducting their lessons.


    Ward 12
    On Saturday the 20th of July, Zanu-PF youths disrupted an MDC-T rally which was being held at Mudzimu business centre. The Zanu-PF youths who were clad in party regalia invaded the venue and started singing revolutionary songs, toy toying at the venue beating drums thus disturbing the rally. The MDC supporters were forced to end the rally because of the disruptions.

    Zvimba North

    Ward 13
    Zanu-PF supporters comprising of Farai Murengwa, Muronzi, Mrs Mhere and a Grain Marketing Board employee identified as Prudence were harassing and threatening Mr. Manyowa today. The group confronted the victim and gave him 2 days to defect from MDC to Zanu-PF or risk being killed soon after the elections.


    On 23 July 2013, Rhoda Tembo was evicted from her lodgings situated at Church of Christ in Raffingora Estate by Farai Murengwa a Zanu-PF supporter. Ms Tembo was evicted because her husband, Milton Manyowa is standing for the post of councillor in their ward under an MDC ticket.

    In the Great Gray area, the Zanu-PF ward chairman identified as Chizema is harassing MDC-T activists for wearing party regalia.


    In Zengeza 4, Gilbert Chikuzeni, a Zanu-PF supporter is moving around threatening people. He is telling them that if Zanu-PF loses the coming elections, his party will repeat the 2008 political violence.


    Ward 10
    On 23 July, Lewis Chikuya and Anthony Chigogo chased away MDC supporters who were putting up their party posters in ward 10. The Zanu-PF supporters barred the MDC supporters arguing that Shamva is a "no go" area for other political parties. The case was reported at Madziva Police Station and action is yet to be taken.

    Murehwa West

    Ward 11
    On 23 July, Zanu-PF youths comprising of Wellington Bonde and Tonderai Bonde harassed MDC supporters who were coming from their rally at Murehwa Business Centre accusing them of being sell outs. The youths threatened the MDC supporters with violence if Zanu-PF loses in Murehwa West.


    Ward 4
    MDC-T aspiring councillor for ward 4, Francis Kudyahakudadirwe and his neighbour Moses Gwaze, were today harassed by Zanu-PF supporters for wearing MDC-T regalia. The Zanu-PF supporters who were in a T35 truck enroute to Vice President Joice Mujuru’s rally at Mudindo saw the two clad in MDC regalia and disembarked from their truck and tore the MDC t-shirts and confisticated 2 MDC T barets.

    Zanu-PF supporters Inro Muzika and Nyakisi Mapfira of Muzika village were today intimidating and threatening villagers. They were saying that during the voting process, the people’s votes will be tracked because each ballot paper will be linked to a certain serial number. They also told the villagers that there is going to be a run-off on the 11th of August.

    Zaka Central

    Ward 7
    On the 22nd of July, the Zanu-PF ward chairman, David Pungwe forced villagers to attend a Zanu-PF rally. During the rally, the Zanu-PF leadership in the area told everyone present that they should all surrender t-shirts they got from MDC if they still want to reside in the area. They pin pointed Ruzai Vaviri in particular and warned her that she should surrender the attire by Friday 26 July or risk being beaten.

    Ward 14
    Zanu-PF supporters led by a retired soldier identified as Erison Chihoni moved around Madhonho village today, harassing and intimidating villagers that if they do not vote for Zanu-PF in the coming elections they will all be killed.
    In the St James area today, Zanu-PF supporters led by Stephen Rwaendepi and Boniface Mbwirire barred Zvinamano Taruona from accessing water from the village well. This was so because he was seen putting up MDC posters in the area.

    Since Friday 19 July, Zanu-PF supporters identified as Desmond Rugede, Brian Mafushe, Edius Jenjere and Bizzy Mangava have been going around the ward tearing down all MDC-T posters.

    Zaka North

    Ward 5
    Today at 12:30pm in Takawira community, 2 village heads aligned to Zanu-PF who were only identified as Madhidha and Mafaranyanga held a public meeting at the business centre. During the meeting, they highlighted that within the community there are some "sell outs" who are planning on voting for other political parties that are not Zanu-PF hence they have identified Zanu-PF youth in the area who will assist people during the voting process as a means of making sure they all vote for Zanu-PF. Those to be assisted were the physically challenged and well known MDC supporters who were told during the meeting that on the election day they should tell the presiding officer that they cannot write hence the need for the assistance. Those who fail to comply were threatened with death soon after the elections. This is despite the fact that the MDC can read or write.


    Ward 7
    On 22 July 2013 at Mutambo business centre, Euckledge Muvede was removing MDC-T posters and replacing them with Zanu-PF posters.

    Chiredzi East

    Ward 4
    Today, Zanu-PF supporters comprising of Jeremiah Makuni, Jeremiah Masiya and a soldier, Munyengeri Maraho and many others disrupted an MDC rally at Rupangwana irrigation scheme centre. Around 400 MDC supporters had gathered for the rally. The matter was reported to the police but no action has been taken yet.

    Muzarabani South

    On Monday 22 July, Chief Kasekete held a meeting at Hoya primary school which was attended by 400 village heads from his area. They were all clad in full Zanu-PF regalia. The village heads were made to promise that all their people will vote for Zanu-PF. The Chief promised them money after the elections. This has resulted in the village heads holding meetings in their communities and villagers that those who do not vote for Zanu-PF will be banished from the area and their property will be confiscated.

    Gokwe Central

    Ward 1
    On Tuesday 23 July, Davis Munyonga, Elson Munyandeni, Shuvai Ushe, Michael Matonhodze and Charles Munyandeni who are all MDC-T supporters had their homesteads raided by a group of Zanu-PF supporters. Their party regalia and some property were confiscated. The group of Zanu-PF supporters was led by Mike Gwasha, the Zanu-PF district chairperson, Kerina Muketi and Fadzi Muketi.

    The group of Zanu-PF members on that same day went around the ward threatening all suspected MDC-T supporters. They were telling them to leave the area or else they risk losing their lives. The case was reported at Gokwe central police station and nothing has been done yet.

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