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    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 20, 2013


    Ward 3
    Zanu-PF supporters comprising of a war veteran identified as Muhwadzarira and Farstone Mandonga moved around ward 3 today threatening and intimidating villagers that they should all vote for Zanu-PF on 31 July or risk being killed by members of the army.

    Ward 2
    Everyone between the age of 18- 36 in ward 2 was forced to attend a Zanu-PF meeting in the afternoon held at Rata business centre. The youth led by one Mashindi force-marched all young people to the meeting, where the Zanu-PF leadership took turns to threaten the youth with a repeat of the 2008 political violence if they do not vote for the revolutionary party.

    Mazowe Central

    Ward 11
    Zanu-PF youth from Mufuka village comprising of Farai Kamudandu, Muringai and Lazarus Manyewe force-marched youth to a meeting in the morning at their base situated at Nyachuru Centre. The Zanu-PF team was led by one only identified as Mungate who during the meeting threatened the youth present with death if they do not vote for Zanu-PF in the upcoming elections.


    Ward 11
    32 Zanu-PF supporters who identified themselves as war veterans carried a door-to-door campaign exercise in the morning demanding names and national identity numbers of all household members in ward 11. They claimed that the details shall be used to identify those who would not have voted for Zanu-PF on 31 July. Those who refused with their details were given an ultimatum of 5 days to leave the area.

    Chipinge South

    Ward 29
    A Zanu-PF candidate, Jacob Chiuje and 7 Zanu-PF youths moved around ward 29 tearing down posters belonging to Isaac Njanjeni an MDC-T candidate.

    Gutu West

    Shashe Village Ward 1
    36 war veterans carried out a door-to-door campaign exercise in Shashe village forcing all villagers to buy Zanu-PF membership cards.


    Zengeza East Ward 14

    Zanu-PF candidates Dennis Munemo and Lameck Chibvongodze moved around today removing MDC-T posters in ward 14.

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