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  • Community updates on the general political environment - July 17 2013
    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 17, 2013

    Marondera West

    Zanu-PF youths moved around Marondera West yesterday, forcing people to attend a rally that was addressed by Mr Sekeramayi at Mahusekwa growth point. Those who refused were threatened with unspecified action.

    Ward 14
    In Chihota district, Absolom Chifamba, a soldier was threatened with death by the Zaanu-PF district chairman, Tonderai Mukucha. Mr Chihota was harassed for socialising at a beer hall with his neighbour, Mr Magenzi who is an MDC supporter.

    Ward 16
    Zanu-PF youths and an aspiring Zanu-PF councillor identified as Muzuva, are moving around the community tearing down MDC posters. They are also going around shops and bottle stores threatening people to vote for Zanu-PF or else face the consequences of not doing so.

    Shamva North

    Ward 3
    Zanu-PF supporters are moving around the area tearing down MDC-T posters and burning them. The case has since been reported to the police but no action has been taken yet.

    Shamva South

    Ward 11
    The Zanu-PF Ward chairman and ward secretary identified as Portia and Itai, chased away Dorothy Matsika from a shop she was renting situated at Gono shopping centre. This came after they found her wearing MDC T regalia.

    Mutasa South

    Ward 22
    Soldiers are beating up people who are putting up MDC-T posters in the area. The case has been reported to the police but no action has been taken yet.


    Ward 41
    Zanu-PF supporters identified as Richard Chigodora, Mrs Chigodora and Machinjike are carrying out door-to-door campaigns and threatening residents to vote for Zanu-PF in the coming elections or risk being beaten up if the party loses.

    Ward 5
    The Zanu-PF ward chairperson, Kudakwashe Manjengwa is threatening people with death if they don’t vote for Zanu-PF in the upcoming elections.

    A Zanu-PF village head, Albert Nyanda, threatened to kill Washington Magama for putting on an MDC t-shirt.

    Colonel Mudavanhu Mudzamira continues to threaten and intimidate residents of ward 5. He is stating that everyone in the area should vote for Zanu-PF, failure to do so will result in war in the country.

    Ward 29
    Susan Chivenge, wife to the Zanu-PF ward chairman, was taking down names of all village members, demanding that everyone in the area should indicate which party he/she supports.


    Ward 13
    In the Zibagwe area, Mrs Mnangagwa wife to the Minister of Defence, Emmerson Mnangagwa, addressed a rally at Mvuma primary school. This resulted in the disruption of normal school activities. Students from that school and others from Leopold Takawira school were all forced to attend the rally.


    Ward 18
    MDC-T youth organising secretary, Jefta Masviba was on Monday 15 July 2013 abducted by a group of Zanu-PF supporters led by one member identified as Duncan. The incident took place at around 18:00 hours at Kangurunguru shopping centre where the victim was harassed and abducted for wearing MDC-T regalia. The victim is still missing.


    Ward 10
    Chief Masembura and the aspiring Zanu-PF candidate for MP in Bindura are forcing villagers in ward 10, 11 and 12 to wear Zanu-PF regalia. All those who are refusing are being threatened with eviction from the area. JOMIC has been informed of the incident.

    Chegutu East

    Ward 20
    Zanu-PF supporters established a political base in Chegutu East at Mukurapasi village in ward 20. Yesterday, 16 July, they forced 7 MDC-T members to attend their meeting. The matter has been reported to JOMIC and also at Chegutu police station. The police case number is CRB1749286.

    Ward 20
    Also in Ward 20, Zanu-PF supporters invaded 7 homes of MDC supporters where they set up their bases. One of the victims known as Marangu who is vying for councillor under MDC is currently living at a friend’s house after his home was invaded.


    Ward 22
    Zanu-PF activists identified as Fadzanai Dhidha and Mathius Dhidha assaulted two MDC officials in front of the police yesterday. One of the victims is Michael Moyo, an MDC T member. The case has since been reported to JOMIC.

    Gutu Central

    Ward 37
    Rudo Chimowa, Luke Muzenda, Mavis and Fadzai Chinamasa were threatened with death by Zanu-PF supporters for refusing to join Zanu-PF. The perpetrators have been identified as Mrs. Munemero, Mr. Dzikite, Mrs. Mutindiri, Mr. Mutema and Richard Katenga.

    Ward 33
    Zanu-PF supporters comprising of Mr. Manjonjo, Mr Josphat and Mr. Chikomo banned everyone in the area from putting on any party regalia that is not from Zanu-PF.

    Gutu West

    Ward 2
    Obey Dzvokova a son to the late Dzvokova from Gutu West who was killed during the 2008 political violence was threatened with death by Zanu-PF activists. Ishmael Mandigo, Margret Mawaru and Kanisio Matavire threatened Obey with death if he continues to support MDC. They highlighted that if he does not join Zanu-PF before elections, he will die the same way his father died.

    Ward 29
    Kennel Mudyahoto and Naison Gonese were spotted yesterday at around 1700hrs tearing down MDC T posters in the area.

    Ward 32
    A Zanu-PF meeting held yesterday in Bath Farm resolved that a Group of 6 Zanu-PF supporters led by Samuel Matunhire and Flora Rutsvara must eliminate 2 MDC-T activists namely Seraphim Chivamba and Madzana Afel.

    Mrs Mukudo (wife to Zanu-PF branch chairman-Mukudo) openly told her Mugodhi Apostolic Church colleagues on Sunday 14 July during a church sermon that all anti-Zanu-PF members like Silivia Mushara shall be banned from coming to church if they continue to support their political parties.

    Zaka Central

    Ward 9
    The Zanu-PF Chairman for ward 9, David Pfungwe ordered Tako Yaniso an MDC supporter to take down MDC posters put at a dip tank arguing that the dip tank is a territory for Zanu-PF.

    Mazowe Central

    Ward 11
    Earlier on today in Mukombachoto village, Fidelis Matonga and Vimbiso Jemwa from Zanu-PF were writing down people’s national identity numbers threatening them that the id numbers will be linked to their votes so they should know who to vote for.


    Ward 13
    A tout at Magunje Bus Terminus only identified as Jah B who is also a Zanu-PF supporter is threatening to kill Mr Kadzingiri a headmaster in the area. Jah B has threatened to kill the headmaster for supporting MDC.

    Ward 12
    A Zanu-PF supporter, identified as Rabson Chisandure moved around the area tearing down MDC-T posters.

    Ward 11
    Yesterday, a pro Zanu-PF Headman Jotam Tendaupenyu of Katongomara village took 2 MDC-T shirts from two MDC-T activists and burnt them.

    Zaka Central

    Ward 14
    Samson Mangava and Witness Chidoko who are Zanu-PF supporters attacked people who were putting up MDC-T posters in Musarava, Ward 14. The incident has been reported to JOMIC and the police but no arrests have been made yet.

    Murehwa North

    Ward 2
    A house of an MDC supporter in ward 2 was burnt down on 16 July by suspected Zanu-PF supporters. The victim is called Wilber Motsi. The suspects have been identified as the ward 2 Zanu-PF councillor, Mr Desmond Dandara and ward coordinator Mr Knowledge Matsika. The case has been reported to the police but the perpetrators have not been apprehended.

    Shamva South

    30 MDC activists were attacked in Shamva South by Zanu-PF supporters in the afternoon. The victims are currently at Shamva police station where they sought refuge.


    Unit L
    3 MDC members were assaulted in Unit L, Chigumba area, Chitungwiza by Zanu-PF supporters. The 3 are Laiza Mapepa, Hilda Mafa and Mirirai Makuruse and are currently receiving treatment at a local hospital.

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