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  • Community updates on the general political environment - 16 July 2013
    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 16, 2013

    Chipinge South

    Ward 28
    In Chitepo village, Zanu-PF youth, Elias Madhlazi and Simon Madhlazi are intimidating people and threatening them with violence if Zanu-PF loses the elections.

    Ward 26
    In the Greenfall community (former Arda-Chisumbanje), a Zanu-PF member, Enock Porusingazi is intimidating MDC-T supporters. He is threatening that his party will repeat what it did in 2008 if they do not vote for Zanu-PF in the July 31 elections.

    Ward 24
    Chief Karakadzai Madhuku is threatening MDC supporters who live in Bitcon (Manzvire) area. He said that in the event Zanu-PF does not win the elections, the people would face hell soon after the elections.

    Gutu West

    Ward 5
    Mudavanhu Mudzamiri a soldier who supports Zanu-PF in the area from 4.2. Barracks, Zanu-PF youth chairman Kudakwashe Manjengwa and a Headman, Albert Nyanda were at Gapare Business Centre harassing villagers today. They were telling villagers that if they still want to live, they should support Zanu-PF.

    Ward 1
    Chikwerengwe Polling station had run out of ballot papers by 11:38am. The station only served 10 police officers and three were turned away as they were not registered to vote. Of the 15 envelops that were supposed to be at the station, one went missing.

    Ward 29
    War Veterans have established an intimidation base camp at Gondwi primary school. The leaders of the camp were identified as Gift Gapare and Tiketi. Colonel Mudyahoto is also going round the community telling MDC-T supporters to remove their posters before his party is enraged with them.


    Ward 10
    Olen Teta, an MDC supporter was forced to remove his party regalia today by Isaac Gana a Zanu-PF candidate.

    Gokwe Sesame

    Ward 10
    Members of the Police force were patrolling the community with Zanu-PF members today, telling villagers that everyone should vote for Zanu-PF during the election or face eviction from the area. Some of the members of the police were clad in Zanu-PF regalia.

    Ward 14
    About 50 soldiers and war veterans were patrolling the area today singing Zanu-PF praise songs and removing MDC- T posters.

    Mt Darwin

    Ward 31
    Chief Chiswiti, who is pro Zanu-PF, told villagers of Kambanje area in the morning that he is planning to attack Taurai Nyoni (an MDC-T supporter) today during the night for refusing to denounce his political affiliation.

    Murehwa West

    Ward 11
    Zanu-PF supporters were tearing down MDC-T posters today.


    Mrs Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF youths were removing all the MDC-T posters today and replacing them with Mnangagwa and Mugabe’s posters who are all Zanu-PF aspiring candidates.

    Masvingo Zaka Central

    Ward 14
    Samson Zhoto, Tazvi Museki and Retired General Elison Gokova are threatening people and telling them to vote for Zanu-PF or they risk losing their lives.

    Ward 18
    Zanu-PF activists today banned MDC- T supporters from wearing their party regalia in the area.

    Gutu Central

    Ward 33
    Zanu-PF youths were intimidating and threatening community members with death if Zanu-PF loses the coming harmonised elections.

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