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    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 12, 2013

    Zaka Central

    Ward 8
    Jealousy Zarira and Simba Mashazhe who are both MDC supporters were arrested early today 12 July 2013. They are being accused of attempting to disrupt a Zanu-PF rally that was held yesterday at Gwangwava township. The two are still in police custody.


    Ward 6
    Zanu-PF youths moved around the ward in the morning, forcing people to go and attend their rally. Those who refused were threatened with unspecified action.

    Ward 22
    Zanu-PF supporters were moving around the area in the afternoon, tearing down MDC-T posters and burning them. The case has since been reported to the police.

    Ward 23
    Zanu-PF youth led by their ward youth chairperson held a door-to-door campaign in the area today. During the campaign, they were harassing and intimidating people, threatening them with death if they do not vote for Zanu-PF in the coming elections.

    Shamva North

    Ward 1
    Zanu-PF political "bases" have resurfaced in ward 1. These bases are situated very close to the polling stations and as a result people are now living in fear. They are afraid of the resurgence of the 2008 political violence,

    Gokwe Sesame

    Ward 32
    Zanu-PF members moved around villages in ward 32 harassing and intimidating villagers stating that they should all vote for Zanu-PF as the election process will be monitored by cameras.

    Ward 8
    A village head only identified as Fute was threatening villagers in his area today that if they vote for MDC they will be beaten or killed.

    Ward 32
    Village head, Peter Mugavha and Zanu-PF Councillor, Mr Dzana collected all the names of registered voters in the area and threatened the potential voters with death if ever they vote for any other party that is not Zanu-PF. The two indicated that cameras will be installed in all polling booths recording the whole voting process including the name of the political party that one will vote for.

    Gutu West

    Ward 41
    Headman R. Makuvaza of Makuvaza village has been recording all the names of MDC supporters in the area and threatened them with eviction from the area if they do not join Zanu-PF before the elections.

    Ward 31
    Edward Mazarire, a Zanu-PF activist from Chagwiza village forced all well known anti-Zanu-PF activists to a meeting where he threatened them with eviction from the district if Zanu-PF loses the upcoming elections.

    Ward 29
    A Zanu-PF supporter who is also a former soldier, Colonel Mudyahoto of Mushavire village barred MDC-T activists from displaying their posters at Mushavire business centre. He argued that supporters of the two MDCs will not be allowed to campaign in ward 29 stating that they were promoting the "regime change" agenda. The case was reported to the police but no arrests were made yet.

    Ward 2
    Headman Fidzi Muteri from Chamisa village disrupted an MDC-T door-to-door campaign today at around 1400hrs. He threatened that his party Zanu-PF will install hidden cameras in every house in the area to survey all those who will carry the campaign.

    Ward 1
    A village head only identified as Garabha from Chinyaure village formed a team of 6 Zanu-PF activists who moved around the ward today harassing and intimidating villagers demanding that everyone state openly who they will vote for president. All those who refused to state were given a deadline of two weeks to vacate the area. The 6 Zanu-PF activists comprised of Alfonso Mhuruyengwe, Marvis Mashongo, Herbert Tapfuma and Forward Chimuka. The other 2 could not be positively identified.

    Ward 5
    Mudavanhu Mudzamiri, a member of the army moved around villages today threatening people with violence if Zanu-PF loses the July 31 elections.


    Ward 13
    Zanu-PF activists identified as Shakie Nduna, Rangano Pakiwa, Mai Chitimbe and Banderu barred people in the area from putting on any political party regalia that is not from Zanu-PF.

    Ward 11
    Shepherd Makoni and Mr Mbirimi who are Zanu-PF supporters today harassed Mr Munjoshi an MDC supporter and threatened him with death. Mr Mungoshi was harassed for organising MDC rallies in the area.

    Ward 8
    Zanu-PF youth moved around all public areas today removing all MDC posters in the area.


    Ward 25
    Two MDC supporters, Arthur Gunzvenzve and Itai Makoti were assaulted by Zanu-PF activists today. The Zanu-PF supporters were led by Lard Manhango. The case was reported to the police and filed under case number RRB1841085.

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