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    Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD)

    July 11, 2013

    Masvingo in 2008 witnessed a number of cases, which were politically motivated. 2013 elections are almost living to what communities anticipated would be associated with any electioneering process in Zimbabwe. The levels of intimidation in Masvingo have since arisen with most communities fearing for the worst ahead of the watershed elections. Mwenezi district has started recording cases of intimidation with a sect of seasonal political activists intimidating villagers against voting for leaders of their choice.

    Central Intelligence Organization has raised its bar of victimization high in Mwenezi district and has since started victimizing teachers in the areas around Maranda, Neshuro and Saraure of Mwenezi East Constituency. The victimization has included the de-listing of particular teachers from participating in the voter registration. Such teachers alleged to be affiliates of opposition parties were removed from the human resource personnel who participated in the mobile voter registration process.

    Zaka North the training center at Ndanga Business Center ward 3, which was used as a militia base in 2008 has been cleared by Zanu-PF members and regular meetings have since started at this training center. The villagers from ward 3 are in fear as they are afraid this can be the initialization of the violent acts of 2008.

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