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  • Community News Bulletin - June 2013
    Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe (CCDZ)
    July 02, 2013

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    Political tension rises ahead of elections in Gokwe Gumunyu Constituency

    The people in Gokwe Gumunyu Constituency are living in fear as a result of political intimidation from supporters of Zanu-PF. Recently the aspiring Parliamentary candidate in Gokwe Gumunyu Mr Chimire Katopa sent his campaigning team taking people’s details such as their identity card numbers and cellphone numbers. People were asked to disclose their political party of choice. This left a lot of people especially in wards 17, 32 and 6 gripped by fear.

    The burning of Lot Naison Taruvinga’s Home has also signified the political tension by Zanu-PF supporters on Monday night of 03 June 2013. The culprits only identified as T. Chidhume, T. Chiherera, C. Matinga, Mapwangiro and Mangena went to Mr Naison Taruvinga’s house in Hamunya area ward 19 at midnight and started throwing stones at his house. They broke windows, roofing sheets and the beam falling in process.

    Mr Taruvinga who was sleeping with his wife in the house was injured during this attack. The culprits later disappeared into the darkness. A report was made to the police at Tchoda police base and another report was sent to JOMIC.

    Tafaranashe Gumbo an aspiring candidate for the same constituency on an MKD ticket said, “The people in Gokwe Humunya constituency are living in fear of being murdered for expressing their freedom of association as the country moves towards the harmonized elections. This is the reason why we need palatable conditions for free ad fair elections, definitely we cannot afford to go for elections without key reforms which guarantee the security of the voters and their voting conditions that give all the candidates equal opportunities to canvas for support. Irrespective of the political party they belong to. I am deeply worried about the security of the people who live in Mashame and Hamunya ward 17 because there are elements who think this community only belongs to Zanu-PF and are ready to attack those with divergent ideas,” said Gumbo.

    “We know the culprits and very soon we are going to name and shame them if they do not change their deviant behaviour. I encourage the people in this constituency to learn to live together despite their political differences, let us all emulate the late John Nkomo’s words ‘peace begins with me, peace begins with you, peace begins with all of us’, said one village head in ward 17 Gokwe’s Mshame area.

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