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    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    July 01, 2013

    Province and District General Environment Political Environment

    Tense In Chimanimani ward 17, Chief Muusha's area, Zanu-PF members moved around villages on 17 June intimidating and harassing villagers whom they suspected were anti Zanu-PF supporters. The group was led by two war veterans namely Dera and Jezenga. The villagers were force-marched to a meeting where the Zanu-PF supporters took turns to insult and threaten them with unspecified action if they continue to support any other party that is not Zanu-PF. Since the harassment, people in ward 17 have been leaving in fear of future victimisation especially now that the country is heading towards elections.
    Mashonaland Central
    Tense In ward 28, there have been reports of harassment in the form of threats in Shava from 16 June to 27 June. Seven touts stationed at Wadzanai Bus Terminus who are well known Zanu-PF youth were harassing people, threatening them that they will be beaten and even killed after elections if they continue to support the MDC. As a result of the threats, many are now avoiding to use the terminus.
    Mashonaland Central

    Moderate In Mazowe, people are disgruntled over the manner the first round of the voter registration exercise was conducted. Many villagers are complaining that the exercise was marred with confusion and unnecessary delays leading to many people failing to register as voters. People in the area have since pleaded with ZEC to make sure the current voter registration exercise be a bit faster and accommodate everyone who wants to register.
    Mashonaland Central

    Moderate In Bindura North, Ward 20, on 9 June 2013, Shame Nyaruvanga's house was petrol bombed during the night by suspected ZANU PF activists. It is alleged that the activists had warned him prior that they will destroy his house if he continues to support MDC. A police report was made and the police are yet to take any action.

    In another case, war veterans are threatening people settled at Matepatepa area in Bindura that they will be evicted from the resettlement area if they support or vote for any other party which is not ZANU PF in the pending elections. As a result, most of them have resolved not to vote at all during the elections as a pre cautionary measure.

    JOMIC held a clean up campaign in Bindura in the month of June which was attended by representatives from various political parties. People in the area indicated that the clean up exercise managed to reduce political tension in the area.

    Mashonaland Central
    Tense In Mazowe Central, on the 14th of June, ZANU PF supporters forced villagers to attend a ZANU PF rally. The rally was addressed by the Vice President, Amai Joyce Mujuru. Few people turned up for the rally and as a result, local ZANU PF youth moved around villages threatening those who did not attend with death highlighting that they embarrassed the office of the President by failing to turn up. The villagers have since reported the harassment to the police who are still to take action.

    Moderate In Chiredzi East Ward 31, the ZANU PF ward Chairperson reported people who attended the MDC primary elections to the police on false allegations that they were spearheading political violence in the area. This led to the arrest of 16 MDC supporters who were released later without a charge after the police found them not guilty of any offence.

    Masvingo District

    Moderate In Masvingo District, Charumbira area, Chief Charumbira held a public meeting at his homestead before the ZANU PF primary elections where he introduced ZANU PF candidates to everyone present. After the introductions, he encouraged everyone at the meeting to vote for ZANU PF in the coming elections. He threatened the villagers with evictions if MDC or any other party that is not ZANU PF wins in the area.

    Moderate In Chivi South Ward 21, headmen in the area are moving around villages with registers asking people their full names, national identity numbers and the names of political parties they support. After taking the details, if anyone indicates to support a party that is not ZANU PF, the person is issued with threats of eviction from the area and is forced to immediately buy a ZANU PF membership card.
    Moderate In Bikita South, Ward 8, there is intimidation of people by war veterans who are threatening villagers with death if they vote for MDC in the coming elections.
    Harare Tense On the 7th of May, Zimbabwe Independent journalist, Herbert Moyo was assaulted by MDC youth and barred from covering a demonstration at Harvest House. Moyo was covering a demonstration by the party’s Sunningdale members over imposition of candidates in the constituency.
    Tense There was intra party violence in Mutare Chikanga-Dangamvura constituency on Thursday 6 June. MDC supporters attacked each other during the party's primary elections leaving one of the party’s councilors, Chrispen Dube seriously injured. The whole process had to be postponed due to the violence that took place.

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