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  • Maphisa Peace concert
    Bulawayo Agenda

    June 26, 2013

    Over 500 Maphisa residents, traditional leaders, JOMIC representatives, representatives of political parties (MDC-T, MDC and ZAPU) participated in the Peace Concert held in Maphisa growth point last Friday (21/06/2013). The meeting, organised by Matobo Agenda, a Chapter of Bulawayo Agenda, to promote peace and tolerance within the community ahead of the general elections. Edutainment groups, KAISA, Gwanda Development Arts (GDA) Jahunda Community Arts and a local poet encouraged participants on the need to register to vote and voting peacefully during the elections.

    Below are some of the highlights from the meeting;

    • Peace messages: Political party representatives urged participants to desist from violence and tolerate each other’s political views and affiliation as violence is destructive and retrogressive.
    • The political parties urged youths to avoid being used during the elections as “tools” for violence but register to exercise their right peacefully during elections.
    • JOMIC encouraged citizens to come forward and report any cases of violence, intimidation, harassment threats or other security threats they are faced with so that such issues are publicized and addressed.
    • Edutainment: 3 (three) arts groups, Jahunda Arts, GDA and Kaissa staged a play on how to register to vote especially targeting the disabled persons, song and dance respectively, encouraging villagers to register as voters and participate peacefully.
    • Mobile Voter registration: It was noted some participants were not aware of the registration process, evidence that the process was poorly publicized and this will have a negative bearing on citizen participation in the coming elections.
    • Sideline interviews with some participants showed that youths were ignorant and disinterested in registering to vote.
    • Electoral monitoring and citizen reporting: Participants were urged to take advantage of various publicity platforms created by Bulawayo Agenda to monitor and report violence, harassments, threats, intimidation and other cases that hinder peaceful and free participation of citizens on electoral processes.

    Participants called for more information dissemination from civil society especially on the electoral processes for citizens to be aware of political and electoral developments and participate in these on informed basis.

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