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  • Political environment in Zimbabwe update - Week ending 09 June 2013
    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    June 10, 2013

    Province and District General Environment Political Environment
    Zaka West

    Tense In Zaka on the 1st of June in ward 24, villagers were forced marched to a meeting at their Chief's homestead. They were told that it was a community meeting meant to discuss developmental issues only to discover that it was actually a Zanu-PF caucus meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr Mutandwa, a Zanu-PF official who highlighted during the meeting that all those who fail to vote for his party will be evacuated from the area after the elections. Every villager present was forced to chant the Zanu-PF slogan. Since the meeting, villagers have been living in fear.
    Tense In Chiredzi ward 4 on the 20th of May in Savi village, Mr Liveson Pikelele, a Zanu-PF member brought out a revolver gun at a funeral in the village and threatened to shoot Mr Machihani for supporting MDC-T. He was restrained by other community members present but he went ahead and threatened to shoot anyone at the funeral who supports MDC in the area. During the incident, he was shouting that all MDC supporters are sellouts bent on destroying the country hence should be killed. The matter was reported to the police but nothing has been done yet.

    Moderate In Chivi ward 23 and 26, many people in the area failed to register as voters in the first round of the mobile voter registration exercise that ended on 19 May after they were scared away by suspected Zanu-PF youth. The youth demanded that aspiring voters produce Zanu-PF cards first for them to enter the registration offices. The matter was reported to the police who indicated that they are still investigating the issue.
    Mwenezi East

    Tense On the 2nd of June in Mwenezi ward 3, suspected Zanu-PF supporters went to Mrs Murashiki's homestead where they harassed and threatened the victim with death if she fails to convince her husband to step down from representing MDC as a councillor in the pending elections. Mrs Murashiki was affected by the incident to the extent that she threatened to leave her husband unless he drops from contesting. Mr Murashiki in turn was forced to report the case to the police who promised to look into the issue.
    Harare South Tense On the 24th of May in ward 1, five Zanu-PF members assaulted Willard Dombo for supporting MDC. The victim was attacked while coming from work and as a result of the attack, he sustained several bruises all over his body. The case was reported to JOMIC, which intervened by calling all parties concerned for a meeting. During the meeting, members from JOMIC managed to resolve the issue and encouraged people from Harare South to live in peace and desist from attacking each other.
    Buhera South

    Tense On 25 May in Chief Nyashanu's area, David Mwabvira was abducted and assaulted by a group of Zanu-PF members led by Mr Tekedai. They accused the victim of moving around the community chanting MDC slogans. The case was reported to the police but no arrests have been made yet.

    Mashonaland Central
    Mt Darwin

    Tense On the 29th of May in Chief Nembire's area in Mt Darwin West, Zanu-PF supporters were blocking MDC activists from going for their primary elections in the area where they threatened anyone who goes for the elections with unspecified action. In ward 25, Zanu-PF activists moved around houses of prominent MDC supporters forcing them to defect to Zanu-PF or risk been evacuated from the area.
    Mashonaland East

    Tense Soldiers are moving around areas in Mutoko intimidating and threatening villagers into voting for Zanu-PF in the upcoming elections. The soldiers have held 5 meetings in and around Mutoko where they have made it public that if Zanu-PF loses in the area, all the villagers will be punished. The soldiers did not specify the form of punishment the community would face. On 24 May, Rodgers Chinomona a major at Joke Barrack, Smart Gurure and one only identified as Tsungai (all soldiers) are leading the teams that are threatening and harassing villagers. Community members are now leaving in fear of their lives.
    Matabeleland South
    Calm There are no reported cases of political violence in Beitbridge.
    Gokwe Sengu
    Calm In Gokwe ward 3, no violations were recorded.
    Calm In Sanyati ward 13, no cases of political violence were reported.

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