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  • Mobile voter registration stutters again as vote buying blossoms
    Bulawayo Agenda

    June 04, 2013

    The Mobile Voter registration and education exercise, which was scheduled to begin on Monday June 3, has failed to kick-off amid chaos and lack of information. Last week the government through the Ministry of Finance, announced that it had secured US$25 million for the exercise however media reports indicated a contradiction with ZEC Deputy Chairperson Joyce Kazembe acknowledging only US$11 million as having been allocated for the exercise.

    Bulawayo Agenda has been monitoring the process in Matebeleland North and South, Bulawayo and Midlands provinces through citizen journalists. Preliminary reports indicate that the process has again experienced a false start resulting in confusion and chaos. Below is a summary of findings:

    Victoria Falls

    An official who preferred anonymity at the Registrar’s Office in the area said has not received any official communication from head office in Harare regarding the exercise. As a result, the process has not started and there are no prospects of it rolling out any time soon.


    The process has failed to take-off in Nkayi and it is still not clear why. Our citizen journalist in the area visited the Registrar’s office and could not get any information on why the mobile voter registration had not begun.


    Mobile voter registration and education officers were reportedly stranded at the business centre owing to lack of transport to ferry them to centres that have been set-up in the rural areas.


    The Registrar’s office had no information on the exercise and they were still awaiting an instruction from Harare. Currently the office at is the only available centre.


    Training of registration officers and voter educators began on Tuesday morning and they will be deployed to various mobile centres on Wednesday.


    Training of registration officers and educators is expected to start on Tuesday afternoon with Wednesday likely to be the deployment day.

    Massive Vote buying in Plumtree

    Confirmed reports from Bulawayo Agenda’s Community Witnesses are that ZANU PF has gone on vote buying spree in Plumtree’s Mangwe Constituency, dishing-out food hampers to the hungry villagers in the area.

    This is not an isolated incident but traceable trend. Last month our Community Witnesses reported that ZANU PF’s Jonathan Moyo, Tshilosho North MP, was also distributing food in his constituency. The media has been awash with reports that Umguza MP, Obert Mfofu has been doing the same in Matebeleland North.

    All these are clear cases of vote buying as the vulnerable villagers are blackmailed to vote for certain parties during these gatherings. This is likely to undermine the credibility of the elections.

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