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  • Political environment in Zimbabwe update - Week ending 30 May 2013
    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    May 31, 2013

    Province and District General Environment Political Environment
    Moderate In Gokwe ward 8 on the 19th of May, most villagers failed to register as voters as most of them did not have adequate documentation. Those who wanted to collect new national identification cards (ids) were asked to pay $40 upfront, an amount that is exorbitant to most of them.
    Zaka West
    Moderate In Zaka at Rudhanda Secondary School in ward 28 on the 18th of May, scores of people who wanted to register as voters could not get access to the venue. There was a roadblock to the school entrance mounted by Border Gezi youth clad in their attire. The youth were demanding to see ZANU PF membership cards for one to enter. The youth who were singing revolutionary songs threatened to beat anyone who attempts to register without a ZANU PF card. As a result, many people were forced to leave fearing for their lives. The case was reported to JOMIC and residents are waiting for its response.
    Zaka West
    Moderate In Zaka West, ward 4 on the 12th of May, ZANU PF members moved around forcing villagers to contribute financially to a funeral of the district chairperson for ZANU PF women’s league Mrs Hilder Zvada’s grandchild who died in South Africa. ZANU PF chairman for Zaka, Mr Chengetanai Chabwera and Mr Chifudza threatened and warned the villagers that if they did not pay the money they would face the "consequences" come election time.
    Moderate On the 11th of May in Chiredzi ward 5, a police officer identified as Mr Raza was assaulted by Governor Chiromho, a known ex-combatant in the area for waving his hand while greeting some suspected MDC members. Mr Raza was accused of being a member of the MDC, and the perpetrator threatened him that he will be executed if ZANU PF loses the upcoming elections.
    Chivi South
    Moderate On the 11th of May in Chivi south ward 22, a meeting was held by ZANU PF members in the ward and villagers present were intimidated to vote for ZANU PF. At that meeting, there was Onward Verenga and Jameson Mazvidziwa members of the army and Taru Mangezu a member of the central intelligence organisation who were introduced at the meeting as the team that will carry out door to door campaigns for ZANU PF. Villagers were told to cooperate during that time or else they would be forced to relocate. This left villagers in fear of the recurrence of the 2008 political violence.
    Gokwe North
    Moderate During the month of May in Gokwe under Chief Gumunyu’s area ward 12, ZANU PF members are barring MDC members and other people who do not belong to ZANU PF from entering a mining area which is believed to have gold. Only ZANU PF members are being allowed to carry out mining activities in that area. The disgruntled villagers have tried to raise the issue with the local authorities in Gokwe but the case has not been resolved.


    Tense In Gokwe North ward 12, on the 18th of May, ZANU PF youth carried out a door to door campaign where they were intimidating villagers ordering them to vote for ZANU PF in the pending elections or risk the resurgence of the 2008 political violence which left hundreds of people dead.
    Matebeleland South
    Calm There were no cases of political violence recorded in Beitbridge ward 8.
    Tense On the 7th of May in Buhera ward 6 in Chief Makumbe's area, the registration for maize distribution was done corruptly. First preference was given to ZANU PF members and those who support other political parties were told to come back with ZANU PF membership cards. HZT advised the villagers to report the case to JOMIC.

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