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Speech by The Right Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe Dr Morgan R. Tsvangirai at the closing ceremony of the International Federation for Choral Music Level Four (4) training at the Zimbabwe College of Music
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
April 26, 2013

  • The Bishops of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe here present, Bishop Sungayi and Bishop Muzenda and Rev Ramushu
  • The Anglican Church (CPCA) Harare Diocese, Lord Bishop Chad Nicholas Gandiya and Mai Gandiya
  • The Anglican Church (CPCA) Central Diocese Rev Chikomo
  • The United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe, Rev Maibvise
  • Salvation Army Leutenant, Colonel I.T. Kwenda
  • The Apostolic Faith Mission Pastor Lukas Utete
  • The Director of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, Mr E. Mari
  • The Director of the College of Music, Mrs Chigwanda
  • The Country Director of the Federation for Choral Music of Zimbabwe, Freckson Ropi

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe, I am pleased this afternoon to welcome you to the Inaugural Intensive High Impact Four (4)-Day International Federation For Choral Music Level Four (4) Training For Zimbabwe’s Choral Music Choir Masters Workshop’s Closing Ceremony. I would like to particularly welcome the leadership of the CHURCH in Zimbabwe; the Bishops, Reverends, and various church ministers to whom I am appealing to ensure that they take a leading role in mobilizing their respective congregations to participate in choral music competitions.

I know that the international choral music trainer has been working tirelessly all week long, from early in the morning until late in the evening, to support hands-on learning of choral music techniques and skills while ensuring that the trainees develop a greater appreciation for choral music mastering. The workshop has assisted musicians in developing technical skills, introduced new choral instruments to students, and empowered individuals through a differentiated approach to learning core musical skills.

Thanks to the emerging great collaboration between the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture, the National Arts Culture, the Zimbabwe College of Music and the Federation for Choral Music in Zimbabwe as well as the business partners who are coming to support this initiative, choral music in Zimbabwe is on the taxing-runway. The coming into fruition of this partnership is a clear demonstration that indeed Government’s drive to promote public-private partnerships is a sound socio-economic agenda that has been embraced by various sectors of the economy.

This is consistent with the value of choral music in our society, one of the greatest and most renowned choral musician of our time the late founder of the award-winning Chitungwiza Harmony Singers and the founding chairman of the Federation for Choral Music of Zimbabwe Israel Dzangare said at the inception of the Federation for Choral Music of Zimbabwe in 2010;- “Choral music is about deepening choral evangelism, scaling up choral discipleship, strengthening choral fellowship and optimizing choral communication, creativity, and cooperation, and by studying choral music in colleges and schools, choral music learners have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the Christian world from a new perspective.

Over the years, the support and commitment displayed by music enthusiasts both in and out of the Church networks to promote and kindle the flame of choral music and simultaneously expand it to new audience is a praiseworthy and notable achievement. The melody of the church voices in our choirs should teach us to combat and outsmart the pitfalls of violence, crime, abuse, despise and all forms of hatred and malice. These vices we cannot allow to blight the bright future of our young nation Zimbabwe.

Differences in culture, political ideology, race and language disappear when people chorally sing together. Literally, Zimbabweans will merge as one voice to become part of a national, typical Zimbabwean, family belonging to a proud nation.

Government has long recognized the need to preserve, avail resources and create choral music laboratories around the country (particularly in schools) to test choral music practitioners’ levels of competency and to provide a conducive environment for up and coming choristers to learn from more versatile and proficient choristers.

The complimentary roles being played by the Federation for Choral Music of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe College of Music and other stakeholders will certainly expedite the achievement of this Government vision on choral music development in the country.

I wish to extend my hearty congratulations to the choirs masters who have undergone this first ever world class choral music conductors’ training and who shall first line of our choral music choir masters’ battalion as Zimbabwe’s choral music sets to conquer the region and the world.

Lastly, it would be remiss of me if I do not express our wish for the church to play its role in ensuring peace in the country as we prepare for the next election. You must continue to pray for peace in the homes, peace in the parties, peace among the national leaders, peace on the farms and peace in the villages.

There should be no death or injuries caused by one Zimbabwean attacking the other for political reasons. As Principals, we have spoken on the need for peace in the country but please pray for the country so that words of peace are translated into true and practical peace on the ground.

I have seen some politicians attending churches, not to encourage the church to pray for the nation but campaigning for their parties and chanting slogans. That is despicable and should not happen. The pulpit is not a platform for politics but for the word of God.

Yes, we may be Principals as Morgan Tsvangirai or Robert Mugabe, but the true Principal responsible for all our lives is God and we must pray for his intervention to ensure true and everlasting peace in this country of our birth

I thank you



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