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Political environment in Zimbabwe update - Week ending 21 April 2013
Heal Zimbabwe Trust
April 26, 2013

Province and District General Environment Political Environment
Mwenezi East
Moderate In Mwenezi ward 4, on the 20th of March, the Central Intelligent Organization (CIO) members visited Mr Mpofu an electrician in Mwenezi at his homestead and accused him of being in possession of a technological device that they believed is being used to pass information to other countries. Mr Mpofu because of the nature of his job has all sorts of electrical gadgets at his homestead which were mistaken as spying machines. The CIO members found no evidence at Mr Mpofu’s house but before they left, they threaten to deal with him as soon as they gather proof of what they suspect the victim is doing.
Masvingo North Tense In Mugunzva village, on the 8th of April, Chief Mugabe of ward 13, suspended Rangarirai Mugunzva, a village head for Mugunzva village on allegations that he is a MDC supporter. The Chief told the victim to publicly declare his support for ZANU PF if he wanted to be reinstated. But Mr Mugunzva refused and the Chief subsequently appointed another village head to replace him.
Matabeleland South
Calm In Masvingo North ward 13 again, on the 7th of April, Chief Mugabe fined Emma Rushabwe, the MDC Masvingo North chairperson for allowing MDC members to hold a party meeting at her homestead without notifying the Chief. She was fined two goats and ten dollars.
Matabeleland South
Calm There are no reported cases of political violence.
Mashonaland Central
Guruve South
Tense Fifteen ZANU PF members moved around villages in ward 11, Chief Chipuriro's village, on 12 April harassing and forcing villagers to pay $2 per each family as contribution towards the Provincial Independence commemorations. Those who could not afford the stipulated amount were harassed and labelled "traitors bent on sabotaging" the celebrations. This was despite the fact that the villagers were never given any prior notice to look for the money. The villagers tried to make a police report but were turned away by the police who highlighted that it was the norm for people to contribute towards the independence celebrations.
Calm No cases of political violence were reported in Zengeza East.
Harare South Calm No recorded cases of political violence in Harare South
Calm No cases of political violence were recorded.

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