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Zimbabwe @ 33
Heal Zimbabwe Trust
April 19, 2013

“ . . . We are called to be constructive, progressive and forever forward looking, for we cannot afford to be men of yesterday, backward-looking, retrogressive and destructive. This to me is the human essence that must form the core of our political change and national independence. Henceforth, you and I must strive to adapt ourselves, intellectually and spiritually to the reality of our political change and relate to each other as brothers bound one to another by a bond of national comradeship. . .” Extract from independence speech by the then Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe in 1980.

Heal Zimbabwe joins the nation in commemorating and celebrating 33 years of Zimbabwe’s National Independence. A historic event which is celebrated all over Zimbabwe, a day of colossal value to every living Zimbabwean citizen. As Zimbabwe turns 33, Heal Zimbabwe is of the view that it is indeed time for political, economic and social maturity among Zimbabweans. It is time to show political maturity and do away with any form of political violence. It is time to advance for peace, tolerance, reconciliation and development. Heal Zimbabwe expects all our political leaders, regardless of political persuasion, to enerstly call for peace at every possible opportunity and should make sure their calls are followed by action on the ground.

@33, Zimbabwe should graduate from unending political bickerings, corruption, high unemployment rates, high incidents of human rights violations. @33, the country should be clamouring for the fastest growing economy in Africa. @33, Zimbabwe should be leading in the promotion of human rights and democracy. @ 33, the country should not be struggling with issues of inequality, straying from the ideals of the liberation struggle. The majority of the people who liberated Zimbabwe were youth and the youth should emulate that and shun violence in elections. Young people ought to desist from violent conflicts and rather take pride in being registered voters who will vote and determine the future of the country peacefully. The best birthday present to Zimbabwe on her 33rd birthday is a peaceful, non-violent and credible election.

Let’s remember that politicians come and go but Zimbabwe will outlive all of us. Happy 33th birthday Zimbabwe! God bless Zimbabwe!!!

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