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Political environment in Zimbabwe update - Week ending 14 April 2013
Heal Zimbabwe Trust
April 16, 2013

Province and District The General Environment General Political Atmosphere
Chivi North
Tense On Saturday 06 April, MDC held a rally in Ward 26, Chivi North and after the rally, some MDC activists were attacked by suspected ZANU PF youth. During the rally, Mr Kutadzaudze a police officer from the Chivi police PISI department was busy recording names of the people attending the rally. Upon leaving the rally, MDC supporters who reside in Ward 29 were attacked by a group of ZANU PF youths at village 11 shops. Saviours Chikondere was one of the people who were attacked and had his money and other belongings confiscated. The case was reported at Chivi police station and the case’s CRB number is 105/13 but no arrests have been made yet.
Tense In ward 16 Ruchera, Headman Wilbert Saruchera is forcing people who he suspects to be MDC supporters in the area to pay $60 or 2 goats as protection fee in the newly resettled area. The people were told that if they fail to pay the stipulated amount they stand a risk of having their land confiscated and given to ZANU PF sympathizers.
Mr Guta, a member of the Zimbabwe National Army at All Arms Battle Score in Nyanga South, has been harassing villagers in ward 17 Nyatate since Easter. The soldier has been moving around with a gun threatening villagers that if they do not vote for ZANU PF in the impending elections, there will be war in the country. On 06 April, he visited the residence of Julius Manyemba the aspiring MDC councillor for ward 17 and threatened him with death together with Edward Chinhoyi that if they continue to support MDC.

On the 6th of April in ward 4, Chief Katerere area, Hubert Nyanhongo and ZANU PF youths held an all-night vigil at Tsengerai Primary School where they spent the night drinking and singing revolutionary songs. Most of the youth present were visibly drunk. After the vigil, they went on to attack Samuel Pfunguro an MDC ward chairperson at his home. They accused him of campaigning for MDC in the area. The victim suffered bruises all over his body in the process. A police report was made at Ruwangwe Police station but no arrests were made.

Buhera North
Calm No cases of political violence have been reported.
Mashonaland Central
Mt Darwin
Moderate On the 4th of April in ward 4, Mt Darwin North, Mr Kaguma, an MDC official in the area was threatened with death by Edzai Musangadzai a well known 2008 perpetrator of political violence and staunch ZANU PF supporter. The threats came after Mr Kaguma and his family attended an MDC rally addressed by the party President, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai at Rushinga business centre 2 weeks ago.
Mashonaland Central
Moderate In Chief Kasekete area, ward 19, Utete village, Mr Musona, a ZANU PF member on the 1st of April mobilised 200 people and staged a demonstration at Mr Harry Jonas's house who is an MDC chairperson in the area. During the demonstration, ZANU PF supporters were singing and dancing revolutionary songs taking turns to castigate the victim for supporting MDC. Some of the songs were coined in such a way that they were chronicling the 2008 political violence. The demonstration was not only targeted at Mr Jonas but was meant to instill fear on all MDC supporters in the area. The case was reported to the police but no arrests have been made so far.
Mashonaland Central
Calm In Mazowe ward 2, no cases of political violence have been reported in the past few weeks.
Mashonaland West
Chegutu West
Calm In Chegutu west ward 5 there are no reported cases of political violence.
Mashonaland East
Tense The MP for Murehwa North, Dr David Parirenyatwa held 2 rallies in Murehwa North ward 2 and 3, on Saturday 06 April at Dandara business Center and Chingwaru business center respectively. At both rallies, the ZANU PF ward chairmen called out names of people they suspect to have voted 'NO' during the referendum. The people on the list were made to stand up in front of everyone where they were threatened with eviction from the area if they do not vote for ZANU PF in the next elections. All this happened in full view of Dr Parirenyatwa who added that those who voted NO are clear enemies of the country. What boggles the mind of many is how they knew who voted for what when the election process was a secret vote.
Mashonaland East
Calm No cases of political violence have been reported during the past week.
Tense In Chiredzi, Chief Tsovani, Chief Sengwe and Chief Gudo have been calling for meetings every Sundays on behalf of ZANU PF. They call the meetings without informing villagers of the agenda of the meetings only for people to realise that they have been called to attend ZANU PF caucus meetings when the speakers are addressing the caucuses.
Masvingo South Moderate There are hundreds of youths who are receiving training at Nyikavanhu camp, in Masvingo, the camp is a former military camp. Some of the youths when asked what the training was all about, reported that it is for national service. Villagers are already in a panic mode as the training alone reminds them of the 2008 political violence which was spearheaded by youths and soldiers in the area.
Matebeleland South
Calm In Matebeleland South ward 14, there are no reports of political violence.

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