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  • Political environment in Zimbabwe update - Week ending 31 March 2013
    Heal Zimbabwe Trust
    April 05, 2013

    Province and District The General Environment General Political Atmosphere
    Tense In Mavhungire village, ward 27 in Chief Chimombe area, Buhera, Maud Mwanyiswa was assaulted by Mr Alois Chamangwari a ZANU PF youth member on 21 March 2013. Mrs Mwanyisa was assaulted for greeting Mr Makambanga an MDC aspiring councillor for ward 27. The case was reported to the police and the police are still investigating the case.
    Tense Norman Dzirwa an MDC chairperson for ward 34 in Chief Chipunza area, was abducted and assaulted by four unidentified men on Saturday 30 March. He was later dumped in Headlands. He sustained serious injuries on his head and legs. The case was reported to the police but no arrests have been made yet
    Mashonaland Central
    Guruve North
    Calm No cases of political violence were reported in Guruve.
    Tense In Garahwa village, Chitepo area ward 28, on 21 March, members of one family, Kenias Mamwene, Calvin Mamwene and Florence Mamwene were assaulted by ZANU PF youths for coordinating a Christian care meeting. The case was reported to the police but to date the perpetrators have not been apprehended.
    Tense In Chimanimani East ward 15, many people are struggling to register as voters as they are failing to produce proof of residence which is a requisite for voter registration. The potential voters are failing to produce the proof of residence which is acquired from the council office as the council is demanding two dollars from each person for them to issue the proof of residence. People are complaining that they cannot afford such an amount. Paradoxically, ZANU PF members are being brought in by trucks and issued with the proof of residence without paying any amount.
    Mashonaland West
    Moderate In ward 2, Karoi, suspected ZANU PF youths on 26 March, rounded up all the ladies who where in some nightclubs in the town and questioned them if they had voted in the just ended referendum. It is alleged that one of the ladies confessed that she did not vote and immediately was manhandled by the youths who threatened her with unspecified action if she does not register and vote for President Mugabe in the pending elections. HZT advised the lady to report the case to the police.
    Mashonaland East
    Calm No cases of political violence were recorded in Mudzi.

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