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  • Referendum midday update
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    March 16, 2013

    Voting is going on mainly peacefully. Crisis in Zimbabwe coalition noted the following so far:

    • SADC Observers have not reached most of the polling station around the country. Only local observers were visible. Many unaccredited observers tried their luck but were turned away.
    • ZANU PF officials at many polling stations are taking down names of all voters; in other incidents they are asking voters to register their names at ZANU PF offices after voting. The reason for this is still not known. In Chipinge Central, Ward 6, at Gaza Primary School ZANU PF officials Livingstone Makangara, Fortunate Chijaha, Shara Mwandifura, Ronia Murire and Mudhende a ministry of youth official are taking down details of everyone who have voted at the polling station. They were initially doing it inside the school premises but police have moved them outside the school premises and they are now situated about 100m from the school. We commend the Zimbabwe Republic Police for a job well done.
    • There is high voter turnout in most rural areas unlike the towns. Very High turnout at Muzarabani Community Hall in Mashonaland Central Province over 500 people braving the heat to cast their vote. Over one thousand people at Govere primary school in Chirumhanzu District Midlands Province.
    • Some voters have been turned away. The reasons for the turning away are varying from people with defaced national identity documents, using driver’s license as identity document and people with alien identity documents. It has always been difficult for Zimbabweans with origins outside of Zimbabwe to vote in any election. Most of these people besides being born in Zimbabwe and with no link with their families outside Zimbabwe they are still rendered second class citizens.

    In Beitbridge by 12noon voting had not started because the Zimbabwe Ectoral Commission truck which was bringing ballot papers was involved in an accident. In Malape and Chitulipasi in Beitbridge East voters have been milling around the polling station since 7am.

    More alerts and pictures coming

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