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Close to fifty NGOs attend Masvingo Governor’s meeting
Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD)

March 01, 2013

Close to fifty (50) NGOs attended the meeting called for by Governor Maluleke today at 1000 hours at his Benjamin Burombo Offices in Masvingo. In attendance was, Governor Maluleke, Assistant Provincial Policing Officer, Assistant to the Provincial Central Intelligence Organization boss who did not identify himself in the meeting and Chipika Assistant Provincial Administrator.

Each organization was tasked to present a situational overview of who is funding its programs and the activities the organization is implementing, disclose the Memorandum of Understanding status (to reveal whether the organization is registered with the local responsible authorities like the District administrators and Provincial Administrators).

The Governor highlighted that it was going to be mandatory for NGOs to submit their work plans to the District Policing office for Masvingo District Nyapfuri. It was emphasized that by submitting work plans responsible authorities could verify if organizations were not deviating from their mandate.

Such meetings were declared by the Governor that they were going to be monthly meetings in which the Governors office will use to track the initiatives of NGOs in Masvingo Province. The integrated approach as emphasized by the resident minister was meant to inform all NGOs that they are supposed to work with line ministries and security forces.

Election processes again the Governor made it clear that they are to closely monitor who is implementing such initiatives and with what intentions, funded by who to undermine sovereignty. The meeting was a routine strategy and ploy by the Governor to intimidate NGOs by threatening to nullify MOUs of unidentified organizations they purported are undermining sovereignty.

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