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Masvingo Governor summons NGOs
Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD)

February 28, 2013

Masvingo Resident Minister and Governor Titus Maluleke has summoned NGOs again to a short notice meeting at his Benjamin Burombo Office in Masvingo. The meeting penciled for tomorrow at 10am will have around 45 NGOs participate in the meeting, Chibaya Central Intelligence Provincial boss and Felix Chikovo the Provincial Administrator will also be part of the team reading riot to the NGOs. The meeting is expected to be one of those meetings were NGOs are going to be intimidated and threatened with withdrawals of Memorandum of Understandings.

The agenda which has been circulated suggest that the meeting will focus on the Past, Present and the Future, Integrated planning for future implementation and NGOs during the meeting are expected to present their work plans and funded programs for the period 2013 to the District Policing Officer Nyapfuri who will also be in attendance at the meeting.

The series of meetings are meant to strangle and suffocate NGO work in Masvingo ahead of Elections. The dimension the crackdown is taking has become multifaceted in order for the ploy to be successful. This is evidenced by the deliberate involvement of administrators and security sectors in thwarting NGO work.

Sources in the provincial administrators office have indicated that the meeting is meant to conduct a forensic audit on NGOs in Masvingo in order to identify and intensify the crackdown aimed at NGOs which are into electoral programming and humanitarian work. As such this will also entail the possibilities of nullifying the MOUs of such organizations.

To justify this claim Care Zimbabwe International has already suspended/stopped its activities in Chivi District citing some complications and huddles with the Provincial Administrators office.

COTRAD will not be deterred by such machinations of egocentric politicians and will mobilize hordes of young people that time is up "STAND AND BE COUNTED" YOUR VOTE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE".

Visit the COTRAD fact sheet

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