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    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    February 26, 2013

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    As the referendum draws near, the NCA Information Department will be republishing news articles, opinion pieces on our yesteryear struggles since our formation in 1997.

    The purpose of this initiative is to reflect on our long history in the struggle for a new constitution in Zimbabwe.

    We do hope that this initiative will serve as a reminder to some of the comrades whom we walked with through this arduous journey in the fight for a genuine people driven constitution, but are now saying otherwise.

    Our first republication is an opinion article written by then NCA Spokesperson and now COPAC Co-Chairperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora. The article was first published in the NCA’s newsletter, The Agenda Special Edition Volume 4 of March 1 2013.

    In this article, (attachment), Mr Mwonzora voiced his arguments challenging that parliament should not be allowed to write a constitution for Zimbabwe.

    The article can also be found on the following link,

    The new democratic Constitution will benefit all

    It little profits anybody to try stop efforts towards a new Democratic Constitution towards a new Democratic Constitution in Zimbabwe

    Both President Mugabe and the Minister of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Patrick Chinamasa, have already intimated to the nation that constitutional reform is no longer priority in Zimbabwe. This intimation means basically that the injustices, which are caused by the current constitution, remain. In particular, the President retains the power to declare ware or make peace, to validate or invalidate elections results, to solely appoint the Election Directorate, the Delimitation Commission and the Electoral Supervisory Commission. Of fundamental importance is that he retains an unlimited term of office together with his other arbitrary powers. Yet the Government and ZANU (PF) think that the redress of these injustices caused by the operation of the current Constitution is not priority.

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