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  • NCA leadership to convene press conference on the resolution of the draft constitution
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    January 18, 2013

    Following the agreement by the Principals in the unity government, after almost five years of writing a new charter for the country, the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), will be convening a press conference at a date and venue to be announced next week.

    The leadership of the movement will update the nation on the program of action now that the parties have brought to finality the national deception that has been the undemocratic COPAC constitution making process.

    We remain unshaken and still insist that the COPAC process was illegitimate, undemocratic and not people driven. However, we urge our structures to remain steadfast, and continue the mobilization activities currently underway in the country's provinces until the dream of a truly democratic, people driven constitution is achieved.

    Our principled and revolutionary stance is the life-blood of our people and our future generations to come.

    Visit the NCA fact sheet

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