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ZimRights Director remanded in custody
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
January 15, 2013

ZimRights Director and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Chairperson , Okay Machisa has been remanded in custody by Magistrate Mahwe at Rotten Row Magistrates Court in Harare today, January 15. He is set to appear before the same court tomorrow, January 16, at 8:30am at which his defence counsel will be allowed to apply bail.

Machisa is charged with forgery and conspiracy to commit fraud or alternatively publishing falsehoods that are prejudicial to the state under Section 137-190 of Criminal Evidence and Procedures Act.

Magistrate Mahwe, in the morning advised the State to put its house in order when prosecutor one Reza failed to appear before the court at 1415hrs. In desperate attempt to save Reza's face, another state prosecutor who stood in for Reza requested the case to be postponed until 15:40 hrs. Prosecutor Reza only arrived in court at 1630 hrs only to apologise and inform the court that he had been amending the request for remand Form 242.

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