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Peace Day commemorations go ahead despite attempts by ZANU PF MP to disrupt the event
Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe (CCDZ)
September 28, 2012

The attempt by ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Hurungwe Frank Ndambakuwa to disrupt the International Day of Peace commemorations organised by the Centre for Community Development In Zimbabwe (CCDZ) failed as participants refused to heed his calls to stop the event and to beat up the organizers of the event held at Magunje yesterday. The commemorations were attended by traditional leaders, political parties, youths and women. Various local drama and dance groups performed at the commemorations held at the Church of Christ at Chanetsa in Magunje.

Addressing the participants, CCDZ director Phillip Pasirayi urged traditional leaders, youths and women to play their part in upholding peace within their communities. "I have a special message for you today, that we ought to all play our part in ensuring that the human rights abuses such as rape, torture and murder that we continue to witness in our communities is a thing of the past. Let us open a new chapter in our country characterised by love, tolerance and peaceful co-existence".

Pasirayi said that young people must not be used by politicians to perpetrate violence against opponents. "To my brothers and sisters who are gathered here- refuse to be used by politicians to beat up opponents. Let's elevate our politics in Zimbabwe to that level where we can view politics as a game of wits and not raise clenched fists to intimidate others."

CCDZ urged traditional leaders to tell the young people about leaders to tell the young people about the African concept of Ngozi (the avenging spirit). Pasirayi said: "Isu takakura tichiudzwa nevakuru vedu kuti munhu haungamuurayi senhunzi nekuti unopara ngozi (As we grew up we were told not to kill someone because the person's avenging spirit would haunt you)".

The attempt by ZANU PF MP for Magunje to disrupt the commemorations hit a snag after participants refused to heed his calls to disrupt the event and beat up CCDZ programme officers and community mobilisers. MP Ndambakuwa tried to undo the speech that had been delivered by Pasirayi, accusing CCDZ and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) of "poisoning my constituency and misleading my people".

A group of ZANU PF youths who were taking instructions from MP Ndambakuwa and an unidentified local businessman continued to mill around the venue of the commemorations. They went to the nearby business centre to recruit more youths to disrupt the event forcing CCDZ to end the programme prematurely.

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