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An update on the political environment in Zimbabwe
Heal Zimbabwe Trust
March 23, 2012

Province and District The General Environment General Political Atmosphere
Buhera Central
Moderate Villagers of Ward 31 in Buhera Central who reported Honored Ndawana to the police for allegedly assaulting an MDC activist, Mr. Zhanje are reportedly living in fear as they are being threatened and harassed by war veterans and Zanu PF youth for having made the police report. The accused, Mr. Ndawana was expected to appear in Court today facing charges of assaulting Mr. Zhanje whom he accused of being an MDC supporter.

Nyanga North

Tense On 18 March in Nyanga North ward 4, Mr. Sangoma, the MDC organizing secretary for Nyamudeza branch was heavily assaulted by ZANU PF supporters led by a war veteran identified as Morgan Makaza for failing to produce a ZANU PF party card at a food distribution meeting. There was a Grain Loan Scheme exercise at Nyamudeza grounds where Mr. Sangoma was denied his allotment despite having paid his payment for the allocation of the grain. When he tried to seek for an explanation from the distribution officer, one Makaza and others started assaulting him and chased him away. When he tried to resist they forcefully took him to the police and made a false report that he was disrupting the food distribution exercise and was subsequently arrested for contravening section 89 of the Criminal and Codification Reform Act. He appeared before the Nyanga Magistrate Mr. Ignitio Mhene on Monday 19 March 2012 and was released on condition that he will be summoned back to court should the state find a case against him.

Cases of politicizing food distribution exercises are becoming rampant. It has become worrying that during most grain loan scheme distribution platforms, beneficiaries are either asked to produce a ZANU PF card in order to benefit or are simply denied access.

Mashonaland East
Moderate In ward 6 in Wedza district, there have been reported cases of violence in the area. Chamva a well known ZANU PF supporter and other unidentified war veterans last week on Friday 16 March banned an MDC ward meeting in ward six at Chinei near Zaire. He forced the gathered MDC supporters to displace and warned them not to attempt to hold any meeting in the area as he claimed it was a "no go area" for MDC supporters.
Moderate It is alleged that Chiefs are forcing villagers to contribute money for the construction of a ZANU PF provincial office in Masvingo. The most affected villagers are in ward 22 and 20 under Chief Mupata who initiated the programme. His aides are moving door by door forcing the villagers to pay $1 per family and those who fail to pay are being threatened with unspecified action.
Calm No cases of violence have been reported in most parts of Zaka.
Mashonaland East
Calm The area is generally calm with no reported cases of violence.
Calm There have not been any cases of violence recorded in the past few weeks in the area.

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