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Respect and honor Zimbabwean citizens
Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD)

December 10, 2011

COTRAD participated in a joint commemoration of the World Aids Day and International Human Rights day at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Hall Masvingo. It is with profound disgrace that Zimbabwe is a signatory of the universal statutes that stipulate the equality of man and the freedom of all mankind yet its still grossly abused by anarchaic system of government.

Above all, there has been the continuous detention, arrest and torture of civil society activist and the media fraternity, the lack of institutional reforms and the gross negligence of the government of Zimbabwe in executing its duties to its citizens.

Masvingo as a province recorded the highest number of political violence victims in the much disputed elections of 2008 and hundreds were left homeless and the government has not done a particular thing to rehabilitate the victims. Statistics from COTRAD reveal that quite a number disappeared during the period but the Zimbabwe Republic Police has remained adamant that it has not received reports of the missing people. Therefor is it still the mandate of the government to protect its people or it has generally become a norm of neglecting the poor and vulnerable.

On this day of 2011 COTRAD is strongly pushing the government and the various governmental institutions to respect and honor Zimbabwean citizens. COTRAD demands that outstanding perpetrators of violence be brought to book by end January and retribution be made, compensation be sought by government and education be warranted to the deceased relatives and children.

The youth have been deprived, youth unemployment continue to escalate and leading to pagan practices like political manipulation mushrooming and paving way to political violence being perpetrated to innocent civilians. This has often led to the spread of HIV and AIDS, rape yet the government collects 3% AIDS levy which is not being used to curtail the shortage of drugs in most of the white elephants (Hospitals) around the country.

COTRAD is agitating for an all stakeholder's input in making the government accountable to the gross human rights violation since 1980.

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