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Gwangwadza villagers fear resurgence of violence
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
July 06, 2011

Residents of Gwangwadza in Nyazura Ward 26 have raised fears of the resurgence of political violence and intimidation following the alleged deployment of soldiers to the area.

Speaking at a Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition meeting held on the 2nd of July 2011, participants alleged that the District Administrator's office circulated letters to the Headman of Ward 26 in Nyazura which notified them of the deployment of soldiers without giving reasons. It is alleged that the soldiers have set up camp near Nyazura Center. This, they said, aroused feelings of the horrific 2008 electoral period where many were beaten up, maimed, injured and raped at the hands of soldiers and ZANU PF militia.

Participants also accused the ZANU PF Ward 26 Chairman, Lovemore Saruchera of being the chief culprit in instilling fear in the people. It was also reported that the same individual in cahoots with youths from his ward are forcefully collecting people's identification documents for unspecified reasons.

The objective of the meeting, which was attended by 253 women and 156 men, was to brief participants on the progress of the constitution making process and elections including The Coalition's proposed roadmap to the elections. Participants were addressed by the Member of Parliament for Makoni South, Honorable Pishai Muchauraya, Mr. Nixon Nyikadzino (CiZC) and Youth Agenda Trust Director, Mr Arnold Chamunogwa.

The following issues were also raised at the meeting:

  • ZANU PF is using fear to discourage political and civil society meetings.
  • Effective media reforms should be implemented before an election.
  • Repressive laws such as POSA and AIPPA must be abolished to allow for the enjoyment of fundamental rights such as freedom of association, assembly and speech.

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