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Bulawayo Agenda in partnership with CISSOM will host a national debate to discuss the SADC Sandton Summit
Bulawayo Agenda

June 30, 2011

Bulawayo Agenda in partnership with CISSOM will today host a National Debate to discuss the SADC Sandton Summit held recently in South Africa (Thursday June 30, 2011). The debate will be held under the theme "SADC Extra Ordinary Summit on Zimbabwe: Setting the Record Straight!" from 1700hrs to 1900hrs at the Small City Hall. Speakers will include Edwin Ndlovu (MDC); Promise Mkhwananzi (MDC-T); a ZANU PF Representative; Douglas Nyathi (Academic) and Madock Chivasa (NCA). Admission to the meeting is free and all are invited.

Umzingwane - Mzingwane High School, a once revered A school in Matabeleland South, has reportedly been struck off as one of the venues that will host this year's Youth Games in August. This was after the school was condemned by the organisers of the tournament for the state that it is in. According to reports, organisers found that the school was dirty, playing fields were unkempt and buildings have been dilapidated. Mzingwane High School hosted the ZANU PF Conference in 2005.

Bulawayo - Bulawayo community has registered its complaints over what they fear to be a repeat of what happened with the failed railway electrification project which was meant to connect Bulawayo and Harare only ended in Gweru some 180 kilometers from Bulawayo. They said incomplete projects are synonymous with the country and the dualisation of the Bulawayo - Harare highway should have started in Bulawayo so that when the government fails to complete the project, the region would be left with at least some thing. Activists in the region have also castigated regional leaders for lacking the sufficient desire to develop the region. They said people like Vice President John Nkomo always give the impression that Matabeleland people are not suffering in order to prolong their welcome in their parties.

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