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Mazowe villagers express concern over escalating violence
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
June 28, 2011

Crisis in Zimbabwe held a community outreach meeting in Mazowe on the 26th of June 2011 which was attended by 50 people (26 males and 24 females). The meeting was aimed at informing people on the progress of constitution making process as well as obtaining their input and views on the roadmap to elections and enhancing citizen participation in political processes and issues affecting the nation.

The overall opinion of the participants was that the government must put in place key legislative and institutional reforms which address political violence, public media partiality, and the security sector partisan nature. The people of Mazowe said they were concerned about the outbreak of violence in Harare, and were now living in fear, especially if it (violence) starts in areas such as Harare as it may be more intensive when it goes to the rural areas.

The participants highlighted that:

  • There is need for Electoral and Political reforms which guarantee free and fair elections before any elections can be held.
  • A new constitution should be in place before any elections and the new constitution should guarantee people's freedoms.
  • There is need for intensive voter education and availability of information around voter registration to all citizens.
  • There is need for the government to amend the Citizenship Act so as to accord citizenship to Zimbabweans who have been denied the right.

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