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Domestic violence is a crime, prevent it
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
May 20, 2011

Following the shocking news of a lawyer who raped his wife (The Herald 13 May 2011) and a government official who axed his wife in Chitungwiza (Newsday 19 May 2011), Padare/Enkundleni, Msasa Project, Women's Action Group and Women's Coalition took to the streets of Harare protesting against the continued abuse of women. Addressing more than 1,000 participants, the Minister of Women's Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Dr. Olivia Muchena noted that rape and violence, which are both being used as instruments of abuse against women, should not be tolerated . She further stated that gender base violence should be taken seriously and abusers must face full wrath of the law. Participants who brace the event were argued to,

  • Make use of the Domestic Violence Act which protects victims of violence and provides long term measures of prevention of violence
  • Speak out against domestic violence
  • Lead by example and accept that violence stops with oneself
  • Report cases of domestic violence

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