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Arrest perpetrators of violence - Chitowa residents
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
May 13, 2011

Participants at a meeting held by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition at Chitowa Business Centre in Murehwa on the 11th of May 2010 called for the immediate arrest of perpetrators of violence in 2008 ahead of pending elections. "As long as perpetrators of political violence are not arrested Zimbabweans will never see and end to violence," said one participant.

The community outreach meeting is one in a series of meetings that The Coalition is holding in communities across the country. The community meeting was meant to update people on the progress of the constitution making process and to provide a platform for debate and civic input on the holding of free and fair elections, constitutional reform and other national issues of importance. Participants at the meeting further noted that political party leaders should make a public pledge and condemn the use of violence by their supporters.

The following issues were raised at the meeting:

  • The voters roll needs to be cleaned and updated ahead of elections
  • During elections, soldiers should be in the barracks
  • There should be a fair coverage in the media to all contesting candidates
  • A people driven constitution should be put in place before elections
  • Perpetrators of violence should be brought to book
  • The police should conduct their duties professionally
  • Elections results should be announced within 48 hours after voting

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