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  • NCA pleads with SADC over violence
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    April 19, 2011

    Zimbabwe's leading civic group, the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) warned SADC leaders to act decisively in averting sporadic violence in the country that it blamed on ZANU PF. Speaking at a press conference held at COSATU House yesterday 18 April 2011 in Johannesburg, bemoaning Zimbabwe's failed independence, NCA regional co-coordinator Munjodzi Mutandiri said SADC needed to be more proactive in saving human life.

    "Leaders of SADC should take the aspirations of the majority of people seriously," said Mutandiri referring to protecting electoral decisions that Zimbabweans made in 2008 March polls. Zimbabwe's autocratic leader, Robert Mugabe, is believed to have been defeated in the 2008 March polls.

    The NCA also warned those perpetrating violence against women and children saying it was preparing a dossier and would hand it to those in capacity to act and bring justice. The civic movement launched its campaign against violence on women last December and has dedicated 2011 to raising awareness on this issue.

    Mutandiri further reiterated that the reported elections might see areas of interest such as Chidzwa-Marange diamond fields attracting violence due to their economic significance. Some reports already indicate that ZANU PF intends using the income from alluvial deposits for its campaign in the forthcoming elections.

    Addressing the media at the same occasion, the Crisis Coalition's Regional Coordinator Dewa Mavhinga said Zimbabwe's civic groups were monitoring all the violations of the Global Political Agreement and will present its findings to the SADC mediation and troika team ahead of the SADC special summit on Zimbabwe.

    "We are closely monitoring Zimbabwe's political leadership, particularly those in ZANU PF who, de facto, wiled significantly more political power, to ensure that they fully implement SADC troika resolutions, including immediately ending to all forms of violence and intimidation," read part of the statement by the civics.

    The NCA together with Zimbabwe Exiles Forum and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition called for reforms in security sector, media and to undertake a genuine people driven democratic elections. Gabriel Shumba, the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum leader said it was a tragedy that as Zimbabwe celebrate its 31st birthday the country was still heavily dependent on economic handouts.

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