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CiZC POSA billboard pulled down
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
April 19, 2011

Senior Criminal Intelligence Organization (CIO) and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials in Mutare, together with the Manicaland Provincial Governor, Christopher Mushowe today, 19 April 2011, issued a joint order to the Mutare Municipality demanding that they pull down a 3 x 12 billboard in Mutare which was erected by CiZC. The billboard was erected under the Abasha POSA campaign aimed at supporting the POSA Amendment Bill which sailed through the Lower House late last year and is currently stuck in the House of Senate.

According to Senior Town Planner for Mutare, Mr Simbi, these officials made it clear that the billboard was too "political" for their liking and as such had to be pulled down. They further argued that the advertising company, AD industries, which erected the billboard, did not follow the required process of seeking approval from the town council which is the norm when a new message is to be posted.

Under siege: War veterans attack Hwedza residents

As Zimbabweans across the word commemorate 31 years of majority rule on the 18th of April 2011, war veterans in Rukweza, Hwedza were threatening to close down shops owned by perceived Movement for Democratic Change loyalists and forcing villagers in the area to attend Independence day celebrations held in the area.

According to information received by The Catalyst, the war veterans went on a rampage, force marching villagers to the Independence celebrations and excluding known MDC supporters from the event. The war veterans are also allegedly demanding that all shop owners at the Rukweza Shopping Centre should sign the Anti - Sanctions petition or face shop closure.

Meanwhile, police are raiding Hwedza villagers in search of shortwave radios and have allegedly summoned MDC Information and Publicity Secretary for the area, Mr Rusike, who was found in possession of a radio. The police also raided Councilor Anderson Mugodhi's home and confiscated three shortwave radios found in his possession. No details have so far been provided on the reasons for the raid.

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