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Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition holds briefing meeting in Redcliff
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

January 17, 2011

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition held a CSOs and public briefing meeting on Saturday 15th of January 2011 at Torwood hall in Redcliff, Midlands Province which was attended by 142 people, 58 of which were women. Reprsentatives of the Media Institute Of Southern Africa (MISA), Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), Youth Agenda Trust, Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust, Zimbabwe Human Rights Association and National Constitutional Assembly attended the meeting.

MISA Kwekwe Advocacy chairperson, Blessing Mhlanga presented on MISA's position regarding opening up media space in Zimbabwe. He noted that the media in Zimbabwe is still muzzled by the state and should be free from government control. Mr Mhlanga bemoaned the continued abuse of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBH) by Zanu PF. He told the gathering that there was need to transform ZBH from being a state broadcaster to a public broadcaster since its existence depends heavily on taxpayers' money. Mhlanga also castigated the use of Zimpapers by Zanu PF as its propaganda mouthpiece and told the people that the transformation of state media would ensure access of unbiased news to everyone. Mr Mhlanga encouraged people to join media practitioners in advocating for freeing of airwaves as this would benefit everyone.

Mr Pedzisai Ruhanya of CiZ addressed participants on elections. He told the gathering that the people of Zimbabwe were simply being victimised for fighting for same rights which the war veerans and liberation struggle spirit mediums such as Mbuya Nehanda and Chaminuka fought for. He highlighted that ZANU PF was responsible for the plundering of national resources under the guise of an elitist indenous empowerment drive. Ruhanya bemoaned the collapse of the education and health sectors and attributed this to mal administration by ZANU PF. He concluded by noting that the only difference between Smith colonial regime and that of Mugabe is their skin colour.

The participants recommended the following:

  • That the new constitution should guarantee people's freedoms.
  • That there is need for a peace keeping force before an election in order to prevent political violence.
  • That there is need for civil society organisations to always visit communities and keep them informed on developments taking place in the country
  • They called for the distribution of short-wave radio gadgets since they cannot access ZBC as a result of poor transmission.
  • That the COPAC process be closely monitored by civics to ensure that people's views are collated correctly and not tampered with.
  • That there is need for the government to revist the Citizenship Act so as to accord citizenship to Zimbabweans who are currently regarded as Aliens.

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