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NCA participates at the 17th edition of the World Youth and Students Conference
National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
December 18, 2010

The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) through its South African office yesterday 17 December 2010, took part in a regional seminar at the 17th World Youth and Students Conference currently underwear in Pretoria South Africa.

The seminar which was organised by the South African Liaison Office SALO in conjunction with the World Democratic Youth Federation was held under the theme ''Building a Youth Consensus on Zimbabwe.''

The meeting held at the Burgers Park Hotel also coincided with the Book Launch, ''Is there Democracy in Swaziland" written by a youthful female South African activist Rebone Tau Ramphomane. The seminar brought delegates from different countries drawn from the SADC region, notably South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the seminar Munjodzi Mutandiri, NCA Regional Office Coordinator said; '' Zimbabwe does not only belong to those who fought in the liberation struggle, it also belongs to this present generation of young people and the generations to come after us. We are aware that it remains our historic task to take up the mantle of the values and principles of the liberation struggle. We also note that the former liberation movements, after leading people to freedom have abrogated the same value and principle of a democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe.''

Blessing Vava, a former student leader and NCA Press Officer called for unity of purpose amongst the young people in the region. Commenting on the sad developments at the World Youth and Students Festival, Vava had this to say, ''From the information we have been gathering since we arrived in Pretoria, the session held to discuss the Zimbabwe on Wednesday, and the resolutions passed thereof do not in any way represent the views and the aspirations of the young people in Zimbabwe. We have heard cases of some Zimbabwean delegates who were attending this conference but do not subscribe to the ideologies of ZANU PF being visited in their hotel rooms late at night by ZANU PF thugs and threatened with unspecified action if they continue participating at the event.'' The delegates have since left South Africa fearing for their lives. Another delegate from Swaziland had his jacket torn and manhandled by ZANU PF youths when he likened Swaziland's King Mswati to Robert Mugabe during a debate.

The two Zimbabwean speakers also took the opportunity to clarify matters related to the constitution making process in Zimbabwe and outlined the NCA's roadmap, the Take Charge's NO VOTE Campaign and the recently launched Act Now Against Political Violence Campaign. Responding to a question about the campaign against political violence, Mutandiri said that its sole objective was to address the scourge of political violence as the country approaches yet another election next year. ''We are raising awareness, and capacitating women and communities at large to deal with the scourge,'' said Mutandiri. He further called on the region to support this noble initiative.

Former Young Communist League International Coordinator George Raphela said that the problem in Zimbabwe was a result of a few black capitalists who are clinging to power so that they continue exploiting the poor.

On the Swaziland issue, exiled former Swaziland National Union of Students President Puis Vilakati narrated the struggles of the people of his country calling for support and solidarity from pro-democratic forces in the region. He expressed his worries on the silence on Swaziland by the media and regional governments.

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