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ZRP Highway Patrol acquires new state of the art BMW vehicles
Bulawayo Agenda

December 17, 2010

The ZRP Highway Patrol has acquired new state of the art BMW vehicles which they are using to harass commuter omnibus crews with. Reports are that each vehicle is tasked to raise US$2 000 a day, since this Matabeleland Region was given 5 vehicles it means that the ZRP are banking almost $10 000 a day. Last month, traffic police went on an operation to raise money to buy the vehicles. There are 40 of them countrywide.

However, the vehicles are not expected to last long as their drivers are always speeding after taxi drivers. People are complaining that buying the vehicles is a waste of resources. Police are the most reckless drivers that their vehicles do not last long. First, there were the Santana vehicles which were bought for the service, followed by the Defenders and then the Mazda B1800 which did not last their lifespan. A lot of people have been left asking themselves whether material used to make police vehicles is of sub standard compared to that of civilians as their vehicles do not last longer?

Gwanda - Farming inputs in the mining town are distributed on a ZANU PF ticket. Reports are that those who are given seed and fertilizer are card wielding ZANU PF supporters. Those who are well known opposition supporters are not given anything but insults. In Bulawayo's Mpopoma Township the same thing happened. Reports say anti ZANU PF residents were given a cupful of seeds whilst pro ZANU PF residents were given a 25kg bag of seed each.

Bulawayo - It is alleged that in preparation of the upcoming elections, ZRP sent their officers to the National Army to be trained on how to 'handle' voters. A police officer who was part of a group to the national army said the training was very tough such that one day 15 police officers fainted because of the pressure. After the officers had fainted it is claimed that the trainers let them go and told them that had they not fainted, they would have continued with the training till sunset and sunrise.

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