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    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

    December 13, 2010

    Residents of Muzezuru in Kotwa District, Mudzi called for the completion of the Constitution Making Process before the holding of elections in 2011. These sentiments were raised at a community meeting held by Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition on the 1st of December 2010 at Muzezuru Primary School in Kotwa. The objective of the meeting was to review the constitutional reform process and solicit views of the proposed 2011 elections.

    On possible elections in 2011, participants highlighted the need for policies which guarantee security of persons and an even playing field for political parties.

    The following issues were raised:

    • Elections should be held after a new democratic constitution is put in place
    • A peace keeping mission should be deployed to Zimbabwe by the regional community 6 months before the elections
    • The voters roll should be cleaned and updated
    • The police should be outside polling centres during elections and the members of the army should go back to their barracks
    • Security responsibilities should be handled by the peacekeeping force
    • Electoral reforms that allow for transparent and democratic elections should be put in place
    • The Diaspora should vote during elections

    The Coalition also held a community meeting with in Ward 26 Chisumbanje, Chipinge on Sunday 28 November 2010. The meeting, which was attended by 256 people including Councillor Hapison Mlambo and Headman Chisumbanje provided a platform to reviews the current constitutional reform process and state of preparedness of communities for impending national elections. The meeting was organised by Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe and Platform for Youth Development.


    • The constitution making process was not people driven as such, the document should be used only as a transitional constitution
    • There is a need to develop minimum content demands as part of influencing the thematic stages of the constitution and package the demands of communities in an orderly manner
    • The constitution making process must be cone in tandem with legislative and electoral reforms


    • It was noted that elections should not be held under the current electoral conditions, which foster violence. Participants also highlighted the need for citizens to register as voters and participate in the referendum and possible elections. Participants however highlighted the following as key benchmarks before holding of elections:
    • A peacekeeping mission should be deployed three months before the election / referendum. This will ensure that communities are protected from violence and undue intimidation from members of political parties and paramilitary groups
    • A comprehensive national healing programme that addresses Zimbabwe's past electoral violence and sets unity, peace and reconciliation
    • There is need to clean the voters' roll, repeal repressive laws such as POSA and AIPPA, and enhance professionalism in the military and police force.


    • During the past two farming seasons the people of Chisumbanje have failed to undertake any farming activities after their land was forcibly taken away by Mr. Billy Rautenbach through an arrangement with ARDA. The community leadership contends that ARDA farming activities are encroaching into undesignated farming land where they have been farming for ages. This has literally disrupted their lives and they now rely on donations from humanitarian organisations.
    • The community thus seeks the intervention of Parliament in addressing the problem as they have failed to address their challenges. They also want Crisis to assist them to mount a legal challenge against Mr. Rautenbach against this intrusion
    • The community seeks the intervention of the Hon. Gordon Moyo who is the Minister of State Enterprises and Parastatals as he is responsible for ARDA to rein in the confusion taking place at one of the state enterprises
      The portfolio committee on land must be petitioned to undertake a study of the problem with a view to making recommendations to parliament and the responsible minister.

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