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Bindura public meeting: TI-Z condemns police behaviour in Bindura
Transparency International - Zimbabwe (TI-Z)
November 03, 2010

The credibility of some state institutions dealing with the justice delivery system has hit rock bottom. Nevertheless, it appears some have started digging. On Friday 29 October 2010 in Bindura at the Cocoanut Conference Centre, TI-Z held a public meeting to provide a platform to different stakeholders to interrogate the issue of massive corruption levelled against the local authorities in the town. The meeting had very good representation from the local authorities, civil society and members of the public. Angry with the open nature of the discussions, some Bindura ZRP police officers detained the TI-Z team for several hours at Bindura central police station under spurious allegations of 'diverting from the original agenda of the meeting to discussing national issues'.

As the discussion around corruption in local government continued, it became apparent from the participants point of view that challenges in Bindura are partly a symptom of the weakness of the current constitution that give sweeping powers to the Minister of Local Government and the Executive in general. Tellingly, the Minister has appointed an 'Investigations Commission' which hasn't lived up to public expectations thus exasperating the participants of the day and many other residents of Bindura who consistently report to TI-Z ALAC department. Indeed local challenges in most towns are influenced or even caused by national events and processes hence the need for a broader analysis of the background of the so-called 'local issues'.

TI-Z condemns this assault on civil liberties and reiterates the need for the following;

  • Repeal of POSA as it unreasonably restricts freedom of expression and assembly.
  • The need for preserving freedom to express one's ideas and to associate with people of choice without fear of victimisation. National healing requires hones and open discussion of experiences in this transitionary period.
  • More investigative reports around corruption especially in police. TI-Z commends the gallant journalists and other civil society organisations who continue to expose police corruption.
  • The need to keep documenting and building evidence of police involvement in corruption. The day of reckoning for all perpetrators of violence and corruption shall surely come. However, justice can only be made possible when credible evidence is build overtime.
  • Keep erupting over corruption!

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