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  • Herald story a mere fabrication
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    October 19, 2010

    The National Constitutional Assembly wishes to dismiss statements attributed to the NCA Chairperson Dr Lovemore Madhuku in today's edition of the state sponsored Herald newspaper as a mere fabrication.

    The story under the headline 'Tsvangirai disowns people-driven constitution,' was co-authored by two Herald journalists Zvamaida Murwira and Peter Matambanadzo, quoted Dr Madhuku as having said that Morgan Tsvangirai is a reactionary leader. The fabricated story by Herald is a desperate attempt to get credibility by quoting Dr Madhuku but grossly misrepresenting the views that he represents as the Chairperson of NCA.

    The NCA is however not amazed by the level of unprofessionalism exhibited by the Herald. It has always been the culture of the state media of peddling falsehoods that are bent on misleading the nation and causing unnecessary divisions within progressive movements.

    For the record, Dr Madhuku never had an interview with the two Herald journalist, Murwira and Matambanadzo.

    NCA is preparing to sue the Herald for its malicious report but in the meantime we demand an urgent retraction, failure to do so will only prove the alarming level of unprofessionalism at Herald House. We also demand that the retraction get the same prominence like the fabricated story.

    The story clearly depicts a media house that lacks professionalism and media ethics, it is a media house that is run by ZANU PF activists and fiction writers disguised as journalists.

    Though the NCA differed with the MDC on the COPAC process of writing the new constitution, it's not the mandate of the NCA to discredit or support politicians who aspire to get into any positions of authority in government.

    What the NCA aspires for is a constitutional framework that guarantee a free and fair election. A new democratic people driven constitution can ensure that Zimbabweans elect leaders of their choice without any fear or coercion. It's not in the interest of the NCA to choose leaders on behalf of Zimbabweans.

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