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  • Disband COPAC says NCA
    National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)
    September 24, 2010

    The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) in partnership with the Quill Club yesterday 23 September 2010 held a media round table at the (Quill Club) New Ambassador. Addressing journalist, activists, diplomats who attended the indaba, NCA Chairperson and constitutional law expert Dr Lovemore Madhuku called for the disbanding of COPAC to pave way for an independent commission to lead a fresh and genuine constitution making process. ''COPAC must be disbanded because it is not going anyway, '' he said. We need a fresh process that is not led by politicians, but by an independent commission.'' He also appealed to the country's political leaders to accept that this process was a mistake. '' From day one, it became evident that this process was not people driven, our appeal now to our leaders is that they should reengage the broader society, churches, students, and the workers, said Dr Madhuku.

    The NCA leader lambasted the MDC -T for putting the blame to ZANU PF for the violence that occurred during the Harare outreach meetings saying such allegations are nonsense since these two parties have now found comfort with each other. ''Both parties have been denying allegations of violence during the outreach meetings and now for the MDC-T to complain that ZANU PF is perpetrating violence is nonsense, ''said Dr Madhuku. Further, he predicted an escalation of violence and more loss of lives in the COPAC process.

    Dr Madhuku also took a swipe at some donor organisations who are deliberately denying the NCA resources. He singled out Zimbabweans working for donor organisations, some of whom are making funding decisions calculated on their own personal political ambitions. '' We are aware that a majority of Zimbabweans working for this organisation are harbouring political ambitions and have a vendetta against the NCA hence they are deliberately denying the NCA resources.'' However, he said that the NCA has managed to survive under harsh conditions and saluted the membership for keeping the organisation afloat by buying membership cards and personal donations.

    On the NCA's way forward, Dr Madhuku said that the NCA will continue mobilising the grassroots and campaign for a NO VOTE in the event that a referendum is called. ''We, together with ZCTU, ZINASU and other progressive Zimbabweans will vigorously campaign for a NO VOTE under the Take Charge campaign in the referendum to send a clear message to the politicians of this land that they should not take Zimbabweans for granted,'' he lamented.

    The NCA has remained consistent in the fight for a genuine constitution making and has remained convinced that Article 6 of the interparty agreement falls far short of the aspirations of the Zimbabwean people's expectations.

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