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    Bulawayo Agenda
    September 22, 2010


    COPAC teams descended upon the small border town of Beitbridge on Monday the 20th of September 2010. Beitbridge border town has 8 wards and meetings were held in the 8 wards yesterday the 21st of September 2010. It was interesting to note that there were no Venda booklets on the COPAC talking points but there were Shona, Ndebele and English booklets. Most members of the Copac outreach teams seemed perplexed and confused when Venda speaking participants contributed.


    It was very low compared to other areas. The average attendance of most meetings held was 45. The only largest number had almost 100 people. It was business as usual for the Beitbridge residents; foreign currency dealers were busy doing their job and were not concerned of any other business except for their money exchanging business.

    Dulibadzimu Primary School

    This meeting had the largest attendance of 100 people. Some A 'Level students from Vhembe high school were among the participants though they did not contribute anything. The residents for ward 5 agreed on almost all the talking points. They agreed on dual citizenship, devolved powers as a system of governance. There were brilliant contributions on land. They agreed to one man one farm, an audit to be carried out every five years and they called for an independent land commission.

    Beitbridge District Club

    58 people were at the meeting. Meeting went well without any anomalies. They called for devolved powers as a system of governance, they also called for the reserve bank to be the central bank and stop competing with other smaller commercial banks. They also felt that there is need for a consultation process when it comes to the national budget.

    Beitbridge Government School

    Devolution of power was the topical issue. Participants felt that as a town they have been shortchanged for a long time. They felt that the revenue that comes in through the border post should benefit the Beitbridge community and so devolved powers as a system of governance would help achieve local ownership. 40 people were at the meeting.

    St Josephs Primary School

    40 people attended. They unanimously called for devolved powers as a system of governance. Women called for women banks and equal opportunities with that of their male counterparts. They called for the first past the post system of elections.

    Mashavire Business Centre

    Meeting was held under a baobab tree at the business centre. 45 people were at the meeting. This is one venue where the participants spoke in Venda only, however the outreach team members were speaking in Shona. They called for a unitary system of governance and they called for executive powers for the president.

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