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    September 03, 2010

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    The Project Board on the Constitution making process this week approved the extension of the outreach days by another 16 days bringing it to a total of 81 days. This was in view of the fact that outreach teams managed to cover close to 70% of the targeted area within the originally planned 65 days of outreach.

    A number of factors impacted on the teams meeting their deadline. These included; a week long break during the opening of parliament from 11 to 18 July; logistical challenges; and an underestimation of time required for each meeting.

    The Project Board also agreed that the balance of funds from quarter one be moved to finance the second quarter. This was to enable the completion of the outreach programme. While development partners could not commit to funding the proposed supplementary budget submitted by COPAC, it was suggested that additional funding be sought from the government and other donors not yet contributing to the process.

    Dates for Bulawayo & and Harare outreach out

    The COPAC chairs have also announced the dates for the Harare and Bulawayo outreach. "These will be done over two days from the 18th to the 19th of September 2010. Teams from Matabeleland North, South as well as Bulawayo will converge to cover Bulawayo and teams from Mashonaland East, Central, West, Harare and Masvingo will cover Harare, " said a press statement released by the COPAC co- chairs.

    At a briefing with civil society, Hon. Magwana assured the gathering that the two days set aside for the outreach in Harare and Bulawayo will be adequate for everyone interested in contributing their views. He added that if the time is not adequate, COPAC would come up with a fall back plan. "If we pull together teams from Mashonaland , East, West, central and Masvingo we will have a total of 42 teams, and if these 42 teams can cover 2 meetings per day (two wards), this means with 84 meetings per day, we can easily cover Harare in two days," Hon. Mangwana said.

    In the meantime all donors who have committed funding have released their contributions to enable smooth running of the project. The government has also met some of its funding commitments.

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