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  • Weekly report 2-8 August 2010
    Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN), Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) Independent Constitution Monitoring Project (ZZZICOMP)
    September 02, 2010

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    This weekly report provides signposts on outreach-related issues in the first week of August in a bid to provide an informed base from which to assess the extent to which ongoing outreach processes and consultations are most likely to yield constitutional outcomes that genuinely reflect citizen will. To this end, the report identifies both the enabling incidents that can be roped in to strengthen the ongoing outreach process as well as threatening incidents that may vitiate the gathering of views on the constitution.

    Salient Observations

    The week under review saw COPAC making further visible inroads in all the targeted eight provinces of Zimbabwe conducting a total of 281 outreach meetings, records indicating an increase by 25 % from the 225 that were recorded in the closing week of July. However, as is illustrated on the graph below, the noted increase was not across board as 40 % [115] of the recorded outreach meetings were accounted for by the two provinces of Midlands and Mashonaland Central provinces with lowest records of meetings [6%] in Matabeleland South province posting.

    High attendance cases

    Analysis of the profile of meetings point to a skew towards high attendance cases. 76 % [214] of the gross recorded meetings were high attendance cases while 24 % [67] were low attendance cases. However provincial spread of high attendance cases was not even as 48 % [136] of these were accounted for by the three provinces of Midlands, Mashonaland Central and Mashonaland West. Also noticeable was that most of the cases that passed as high attendance records were low fringe zone cases.

    Sampled Cases

    Cited high attendance cases include meetings that were held on 4 August at Kambudzi Business Centre in Ward 12 of Umzingwane where 400 people reportedly turned up and on 5 August at Bayethe in Ward 14 of Umzingwane constituency in Matabeleland South where 280 people were reportedly in attendance and another.

    In Mashonaland Central province, high attendance cases include a meeting that was held on 4 August at Makaera Primary School in Ward 4 of Guruve South where 646 people were in attendance and another one at Chipangura Secondary School in Ward 5 of Guruve North where 600 people reportedly turned up.

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