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  • Taking the constitutional debate to Uzumba and Mrehwa
    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition
    September 02, 2010

    Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition held two community meetings at Manyika Primary School (Uzumba) and Zhombwe Primary School (Mrehwa North)on the 27th and 30th of August 2010 respectively. The meetings were held under the VOICE UP constitutional campaign which is aimed at providing civic education and a platform for debate to Zimbabweans on the constitution making process.

    Speaking at the community meeting in Mrehwa, Mr Pedziai Ruhanya encouraged participants to articulate their views clearly during the constitution making process. The Coalition team was informed that villagers are under strict instructions not to talk during the Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) outreach meetings and are being threatened with violence. Participants from both meetings highlighted that information on the COPAC outreach meetings was difficult to access and that publicity of the outreach process is poor.

    The Coalition has been holding community meetings from the beginning of the constitution making process to stir debate around the process and to encourage participation of Zimbabweans. Intimidation, violence and politicisation continue to mar the ongoing consultative meetings with the inclusive government and COPAC remaining mum on reported cases.

    Participants raised the following issues during the community meeting:

    1. The government should afford beneficiaries of land, title deeds
    2. Election results should be released two hours after casting votes
    3. During national processes, soldiers should stay in their barracks and police should protect the people regardless of their political affiliation
    4. The constitution should include the right to education and clean water regardless of financial background
    5. Dual citizenship should be allowed
    6. There should be 50- 50 gender composition in decision making positions
    7. Provinces should be five instead of the current 10
    8. Provincial governors should be appointed by the people
    9. Exploitation of natural resources should contribute towards the development of the area
    10. The government should give the differently abled and the elderly monthly social welfare assistance funds
    11. The President should retire at the age of 70
    12. Religions that violate the rights of the girl child should be abolished

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