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    Bulawayo Agenda
    August 31, 2010

    Matabeleland North

    Attendance - There was a turnout of 159 people in Mabayi Area in Nkayi where there was a 50/50 ratio in the representation of each groups.

    Founding Principles - Villagers felt that the respect of all languages must be highlighted in this section.

    Environment - They said that there should not be any farming on grazing areas, no burning of grass, no stream bank cultivation.

    Traditional leaders - They felt that these people should be respected and given no bribe to undertake their work.

    Electoral systems - There was great support of the 1st past the post system together with the hybrid system.

    Public Finance - It was said that local people should get help from this sector. Orphans and Widows were highlighted as special groups that need to access funds from this facility.

    Matabeleland South

    Attendance - The teams are in Mangwe this week and one of the teams were in ward 5 yesterday in an area called Bhulu. The attendance was very low as the meeting had 33 people only.

    Comments - Morale is very low among the outreach team and their hotel has served them with a letter to vacate the hotel tomorrow due to non-payment.

    Systems of government - There is equal sentiment between those that want the unitary system and those that want a devolved system.

    Arms of State - The people here said it does not matter whether or not there is a Prime Minister. They said what matters is that who ever has most executive power should have his or her powers curtailed so that there is no abuse of power by an individual.

    Citizenship - The communities proposed the adoption of dual citizenship.

    War veterans - There was consensus that the traditional leaders play a pivotal role in the life of any community. It was said that they should have a constitutional mandate to preside over land distribution and that they should have seats reserved for them in Parliament.

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