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    Bulawayo Agenda
    August 27, 2010

    Matabeleland North

    Attendance - The outreach team started work in Mangwe district yesterday and one of the teams was in an area called Bango in ward 9. 86 people attended the meeting, 4 youths, 36 women and 46 men.

    Comments - Members of the outreach teams found villagers with pamphlets that were distributed by a political party just before the meeting and had to confiscate them from the readers so that they do not use them in the meeting.

    Systems of government - Participants were equally divided between devolution of power and the unitary system.

    Arms of State - Members of the outreach are said to have stifled debate around whether or not the country should have a Prime Minister as it is said that it became too heated and personalized.

    Citizenship - The communities proposed the adoption of dual citizenship.

    Women, Youth and War Veterans - Sentiments were divided as to whether the Youth National Service should be compulsory or not. Many of the participants also agreed that the role of traditional leaders should be strengthened though they differed in opinion whether or not they should have Parliamentary seats reserved for them.

    Matabeleland North

    Attendance - Reports reveal that the people of Mkhalandoda, Mapopo Business Centre and Sagonda, who came in their numbers, were not sensitized on constitution matters as shown by the throwing of issues at undesignated themes. It is said that they did not have the grasp of issues in pertinent areas.

    Preamble - This is the area which denoted that the people of Mkhalandoda did not know where to place issues. They said statements like "the president should not rule for a long period", "Our roads from Bulawayo to Nkayi should be repaired and maintained", "Our resources should develop our area" expecting them to be included as part of the preamble.

    Citizenship - Communities agreed on dual citizenship. However, there were variations in ideas in Mapopo as some people felt that their children who are residents in other countries should also benefit from their country of birth.

    The Executive - Two five year terms for the president

    Disabled - They said that this group should be respected, given free transport and be assisted by the government.

    Media Commission - Communities said there is a need for a media commission which will guarantee freedom of the press.


    Attendance - The teams are in Kwekwe District which is pre-dominantly a rural resettlement area. At a meeting held in Ward 5 yesterday, around 60 people attended.

    Systems of government - The devolved system of governance is gaining popularity in the area regardless of political affiliation.

    Arms of State - This community does not want a Prime Minister and wants a President who has absolute powers that even extend to determining what happens within the central bank.

    Language - This community understands the need for all languages to be given equal status and be drafted into the school curriculum.

    Gender - There were mixed opinions on the representation of women as some participants felt that there should be a 50/50 representation while others were against reserved preferential sits.

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